Wincing the Night Away from Robbers & Cowards

Wincing the Night Away from Robbers & Cowards

The real world is tugging at my leg like a poor 3rd world kid begging for change, but I refuse to acknowledge it just yet. I’m headed back to reality on Monday, professionally eschewing my mundane routine for the daily grind. This 2 week hiatus was great though. I caught up on some movies, made up for lost sleep, and got some last minute shopping done for Cabo – so all in all, it was a productive fortnight.

I finally got around to listening to a few Indie Rock bands that my cousin (the indie hipster himself Tesh Shah) had recommended to me a few months back: The Shins, I’m From Barcelona, and the Cold War Kids. I have to admit that I actually liked all 3 bands. I especially liked The Shins (especially the tracks “Sea Legs” and “Split Needles”). I mean, I’m not From Barcelona, but I Winced the Night Away from Robbers & Cowards. I was so sure that I would develop a discernible distaste for these bands, but I was wrong. I am tempted now to pick more of my cousin’s brain for more bands. I’ve always maintained that I like any music that sounds good, and I guess my little indie rock experiment is a musical testament to that.

$50.07 for 14.9 gallons. That’s how much it cost me today to fill up my tank. Remember a few years back when we had a shortage in GA for gas and prices were skyrocketing towards the $4 mark? Well, I remember people were outraged and livid about it at that time, but understanding that that was only a temporary calamity. But now, what the flip? I just filled up for $3.35 and that was a BARGAIN. People will rejoice when, I mean if, the prices go back down to $3.00/gallon. If I had told you years ago that we would be ELATED to “only” pay $3/gallon, wouldn’t you have slapped me silly for uttering such jibberish?

Wow, we have been bamboozled into accepting anything as progress. I mean, all that is happening is that the prices are raised so damn high that when they are reduced, we are overjoyed – even though that reduced price is still far higher than where we started from. I know I’m echoing the verbose sentiments of millions across this country, but damn, where the hell are we headed?

I hope that my new job won’t hinder my writing. It seems like my job may get in the way of my passion. But passion don’t pay the bills – you don’t exactly have to be a GT graduate to figure that out. So, I hope I can find enough time after work to occasionally jot down an incessant thought or two every now and then. Alls I knows is that I gotta get back in the professional mindset. It feels like I haven’t worked in months – and that ain’t just because of my two week hiatus. It has a lot to do with the startup I was helping out on in Chester, VA. I haven’t really learned anything new in months. So, I’m gonna have to shake off the monotony and get my mind right to re-enter the real world. It should be interesting. I’m just hoping that my managers and co-workers will be some laid-back cool cats. One can hope, right?

On a completely random note, why do they still have shoe shiners at the airport? And why, why is it always a rich white man perched atop a chair having his shoes shined by a black man? I mean, I ain’t no racial activist or nothing, but that just don’t look right. That pretty much goes right up there with a white boy being picked last in a pickup basketball game in the ‘hood. Like I said, some things just don’t look right.

I’m hoping that Cabo will be a blast. I don’t want to have too many high expectations or anything – I just want to go there and experience it for all it is. I’ll be at my new job all of 3 days before I pull a no-look hook on them and bounce for 5 days. Clearly, I am a man of devout commitment.

My brother told me that I would miss the NFL Draft since I’m going to be in Cabo. Hmmm….let me marinate on those two options for a New York minute…..the 2008 NFL Draft vs 24 hrs all-inclusive food and alcohol….hmmmm….the 2008 NFL Draft vs beautiful beaches, women, and partying until the sun comes up….hmmm….the 2008 NFL Draft vs cold Coronas and fresh salsa….hmmm….I don’t know…seems to be a close call…hmmmm….

I know…I know…I should’ve went Zee TV on him and slapped him hard enough to have 10 different camera angles zoom in on his face in slow motion…. I mean, supposedly momma ain’t raise no fool, but with that comment, it sure as hell seems like she did. Stupid little boy!

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