A Fervent Few Weeks

A Fervent Few Weeks

Whew. That’s me breathing a sigh of relief. I am nearing the end of a torrid stretch in my life. Over the last month, I’ve gone from Virginia, to Atlanta, to Savannah, to the Left Coast, and back to Virginia. I was in Atlanta a total of 8 days last month. Now, I’m not really complaining because I actually accomplished what I set out to do before the month of March: balance business and pleasure. I fulfilled all professional obligations while satiating my own recreational ambitions. It was a hectic month, but a fun month.

All I can say again is “whew”. I am looking forward to being back in Atlanta for most of April and the foreseeable future. I am looking forward to hanging with the qaxootis again, getting some home cooked Indian food, and relaxing in my robe watching SportsCenter in my own apartment. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I am really looking forward to assimilating back into my pre-Chester life. And, at the end of the month, I will start my new job and I will head out with the qaxootis to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. That should be fun.

This year so far has gone by very quickly for me. I guess that’s the consequence of being a professional nomad. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself though, because I still have like 4-5 days out here in Chester. So, if I start looking ahead too much to my trip back to Atlanta, it will make those 4-5 days feel like 4-5 weeks. So, hopefully these days will go by quickly and I can be back in Atlanta just in time to throw a grilled cheese and wine party. Yeah – I said it. Grilled Cheese and wine party – patent pending. Me and my roommate have been talking about a housewarming for months; really ever since we moved in. But my traveling has really postponed any plans we could have had. I’m thinking that I should be stationed in Atlanta for at least a short while, so maybe we can work something out and have a little shindig at the crib.

I just bought a web domain from GoDaddy.com. So, hopefully, within a few months, I can have my own website up and running. The goal is to probably move my blog to that website. Stay tuned on this little experiment of mine…

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