An Eventful Week

An Eventful Week

I figured it’s been a minute (at least by my standards) since I’ve last posted, so I didn’t want to keep my quarter of a handful of readers waiting too long for another post.

The last week has been busy, even by my haphazard ways. I’ve gone from dining at a fine Italian joint in downtown Richmond (La Grotta) a week ago to jotting down random early morning ruminations from Oaktown on the Left Coast.

I got back in town from Chester last week on Thursday evening and then headed out for Savannah the next day at noon. We had an amazing time in Savannah. The weekend started with us heading out on Friday to meet up a few cousins and friends who had already arrived in Savannah the evening before. When we arrived, we met a few female friends of my cousin too who were staying at the same crib as us. I will have to give them mad amounts of credit for being able to slum it with 10 cats. I was really surprised at how cool and relaxed they were. They seemed to fit seamlessly among the chaos that is my group of friends. Anyways, we met up all those folks in downtown Savannah and found ourselves in an epicenter of a South Asian earthquake of humanity. Where were all the Anglo-Saxons, Asians, and black folks? Few and far between in the joint we was in – but it was all good, because we were all drinking and having a blast. I mean, I think that we were trying to feel ourselves out with the new folks we were going to be spending our entire weekend with.

That night ended in an overpacked Huddle House with us consuming food of questionable quality. That night, we had like 13 (by my count) folks crashing in the living room of my cousin’s pad. 13 folks! Somehow, someway, we all seemed to find exactly enough space to lay our inebriated and exhausted bodies down. We were an intricate mess of bodies jigsawed together like a puzzle. Believe you me, that night and the ensuing weekend was not a night for those who suffered from claustrophobia. We were deep and tightly packed the entire weekend. I loved it though. It felt like one big ass slumber party.

The following day we chilled at the beach sipping on our Heineken Light Draught Keg while we played football on the beach. Of course, my team lambasted that ass and we came away with a 2-touchdown victory. Please believe! That night, while we were out getting our drink and two step on on the James River in Savannah – something straight out of the Cloverfield movie happened. The power went out. The entire city of Savannah went dark. We found ourselves shuffling around like zombies in an inebriated and overcrowded aby ss. The only light visibly emanating was that of a huge electronic sign that read “Tornado Watch Until 1 am”. Now, for whatever reason, the majority of us thought it was the craziest and most amazing thing that we found ourselves in utter darkness. As we walked back through the streets to our car, the only light we had was from the sporadic flashes of lighting that illuminated the sky and city. We were witnessing a fireworks show provided by Mother Nature herself. There was a cool breeze that reintroduced itself every few minutes. The streets were scattered with folks scurrying around trying to get back to their cars. The moment and evening was absolutely serene. There is something calming about having to live without the accepted necessities of life. We ended the night by telling scary stories and horrid jokes under the dim glare of a candle.

I’m having Savannah withdrawals. We all had a great time shooting the irrelevant breeze with one another. But, I’m here in ‘Frisco (San Francisco) straight chilling with my brother in-law, my cousin, and my sister – and I have no time to dwell on the memories of the past. Time to make a few more memories. I think we’re going to go Vodka tasting today and then to a salsa joint this evening. I think we’re headed to Sonoma Valley tomorrow to take a wine tour. I am, to say the last, excited..

I will expound a little more on these experiences a littlelater…

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