Arbitrary Thoughts

Arbitrary Thoughts

Why exactly do folks call in to radio stations for relationship advice? I will NEVER understand this. A lot of my friends listen to the Bert Show on Q100 in Atlanta and they tell me all the time about he said/she said melodramatic bullshit they hear on their drive to work in the mornings. Out here in Chester, I always listen to the Steve Harvey show, which incidentally, is a pretty damn entertaining morning show. But they fall victim to the same emotionally inept callers. The thing is, most of the time, people ask the most obvious of advice. They say, “my boyfriend has cheated on me, he’s lazy, and he’s unemployed – should I stay with him?” Hmmm….let me marinate on that….hmmmm….Cmon, are you flippin’ kidding me? Really, are we in even in the same stratosphere of sanity right now? I mean, we all got a right to free speech, but not an inalienable right to be complete idiots. Really, how can someone NOT figure that situation out for themselves? There is a continent of difference between knowing what you should do and not doing it and not even knowing what you should do. At the very least, folks should have an ability to discern the trivial from the complicated and the rational from the irrational. Sometimes folks, it just ain’t that damn hard. The lack of common sense in some folks amazes me sometimes.

I will say though that there are some people that call in that genuinely do have real, convoluted situations, but honestly – seek professional help if that is the case. Not someone who can exploit you over the airwaves to get a nudge in ratings. How in the hell is a radio show host going to give you sound, professional advice? The bigger question is, why the hell are you even asking them?

I will NEVER fully comprehend the degradation of rationality among some people. Sometimes, things ARE that OBVIOUS.

I went to this veggie/shitty dive joint last night in downtown Richmond. I loved it. The food was fresh and different – I ordered a plate of Farfalle pasta with lemon capers, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes. My co-worker ordered a plate of roasted acorn squash with brown rice. We also had some zucchini fritters and some Greek Seitan with tsaziki sauce as appetizers. I loved my plate of pasta and the zucchini fritters. The Seitan and the Roasted Acorn squash were so-so. I loved the setting of the joint though. It was located at the bottom of an apartment reminiscent of the type of apartments you can find in San Francisco. You know, like the house from the show Full House.

The restaurant was located at the bottom of the building, so it kind of felt like you were in the basement. The place was dark and narrow with black walls. It had low ceilings and the bar was dimly lit with Christmas lights. The place offered only ONE menu – one that was sketched onto a blackboard that greeted you when you walked in. I loved that! We must’ve held up the folks behind us 5-10 minutes trying to decide on what to order. I just love eccentric/unique joints. I talked to my sister about my upcoming trip to ‘Frisco and insisted that we primarily go to unassuming, decent downtrodden eccentric joints. To me, going to a joint like that is an experience worthwhile, because even if the food sucks, you at least got to experience something new and different. There has to be some kind of guide or something that lists all the atypical establishments throughout the country and world. I would buy that guide in a heartbeat.

Some lady got arrested for videotaping a rape of her 4-year old daughter by her boyfriend. What the hell? Man, when I hear shit like that, I can only shake my head in disapproving candor and disgust. I mean, there are some SICK, TWISTED ass people out in this world. I mean, sometimes, when I hear of shit like this, I don’t think that capital punishment is such a bad idea. Sometimes, I think that some people do deserve to die. I mean, you can’t always pass off some irrational or inhumane action as a consequence of a person’s sanity. I mean, fuck that, for real, fuck that. Seriously, I know that there are rare exceptions when people are actually not sane of mind, but for the most part, evil minded folks know what they are doing. At the very minimal, leave the kids out of this. I shudder in disdain when I hear of sick acts committed to children. That just ain’t right.

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