Google Crack

Google Crack

Man, Google Chat (or as I will refer to it from now on, Google Crack) is so damn addictive! I used to rag on my Asian persuasion fascination sensation co-worker all the time about her being on Gmail chatting with folks all the time, but now I see why. Truth is, I really only do Google Crack when I have downtime out here in Chester, but I could see how I would be tempted to chat even when I’m at home – but SportsCenter takes a backseat to NO ONE!

Anyways, Google Crack is like an accelerated and potent hybrid of crack and heroine. Where have I been all these years? I think I’ve already written about this, but damn homey, Google Crack is so damn tight that I had to acknowledge it TWICE! As my friend said once, “Why you gotta do it TWICE?!?!”

Now, if my Asian persuasion fascination sensation co-worker reads this post, she’s gonna probably serenade me with an overwhelmingly obese and flagrant “I Told You So!”, so I hope that she doesn’t read this.

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