Aint Shit Been Decided

Aint Shit Been Decided

Two months into the race for the Democratic candidacy, what exactly has been decided? Hmmm…let me marinate on that one for a minute…hmmm….diddley poo, diddley squat, squadush, nada, zilch. Sure, we’ve had both Democratic candidates capture big wins and suffer unexpected losses, but what exactly has been accomplished? Senator Obama will still lead in delegates after today, but Hillary Clinton will be right there behind him. It is painstakingly evident that neither candidate will be able to garner the appropriate amount of delegates (2,025) needed for the Democratic nomination.

I’ve become EXTREMELY weary of all the political pundits and prognosticators in the media. I mean, they keep talking about “momentum”, even though there has been scarce evidence of any momentum existing at all in this race thus far. I mean, there haven’t even been many unexpected wins by either candidate. Take today for example, Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner of Ohio, where she was EXPECTED to win. The media is making her out to be a comeback kid, but she was only behind by a 100 delegates. I mean, she was supposed to win Ohio, and she did. It isn’t as though she pulled off an upset. Yet, the very same media who counted her out yesterday are now back saying that she has a legitimate shot at winning. I mean, doesn’t the media get it? People are voting the way they want and this whole process is NOT rocket science. Simply put, this is a close race and it will continue to be close until the Democratic National Convention. Neither candidate has displayed any discernible evidence of momentum. The media almost made it as though Obama was supposed to win Ohio AND Texas – even though it was clear that Hillary would probably win Ohio and heavily contest in Texas. It is similar to how people perceived Hillary’s Wisconsin loss as a big defeat even though it was clear Obama was going to win handily there.

Politics just don’t make sense to me. If NAFTA mattered so much to the voters of Ohio, how come they voted substantially for Hillary Clinton? She was part of the administration that created NAFTA and she SUPPORTED NAFTA. Another thing I don’t understand is the claim that Barack Obama lacks the necessary experience to be Commander in Chief. He has been in elected office (1997-2004 in the Illinois State Senate and Illinois State Senator since 2005) longer than Hillary has (New York City Senator since 2000). She has as much foreign policy experience as Obama does – which is to say nearly none. I mean, Senator Clinton’s biggest foreign policy decision was on the war on Iraq – which she voted FOR! I just don’t get it. It is one thing to use truths to your advantage, but to tell half-truths and make false portrayals of your opponent? I just don’t get how people aren’t seeing through this.

Either way, I guess my point is that when folks think they have this race figured out, they don’t. NO ONE should be crowned until the very last ballot has been counted. I really don’t know how much more politics I can take. I was addicted to it about a month ago, but now, I’m growing extremely weary of this prolonged race. This race is definitely going to last until at least the Pennsylvania Primary on April 22. I don’t know how much more patience I have for this process. I’m wondering how much political fatigue people will experience throughout the rest of this country as the race draws on longer and longer. Ain’t shit been decided – and that doesn’t seem likely to change for a while.

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