Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

Over the past year, I have flirted with various online music stations/websites. I’ve spit mad game at these online music stations trying to figure out which one was best for me. I first found myself quickly enamored with LastFM, only to be disappointed by it’s inefficiency and inaccuracies (I would type in “Reggaeton” and the player would have me listen to some Taiwanese boy band). I mean, a listener wants what he/she wants, so LastFM wasn’t really up to snuff in that regard. It just wasn’t accurate enough. While it was great for gaining exposure to independent artists, it was horrible for listening to established musicians. If you only had knowledge of mainstream artists, you wouldn’t have recognized 75% of the artists featured by LastFM. I knew that I had to make a move and find something better.

I then transferred my razor-thin allegiance to Live365. Live365 basically takes any genre of music you want and brings up a list of “stations” (more like playlists) that play that type of music. I thought that Live365 was the epitome of what an online radio station should be and that there couldn’t possibly be anything better out there. I even had the ignorant audacity to tell folks that Live365 was better than Pandora Radio (something I hadn’t even used at the time).

But now folks, I am here to attest to the wonders of Pandora Radio. My fickle allegiance has once again turned in a different direction. A few weeks back, I finally figured that I would check out Pandora Radio and see what all the fuss was about. I quickly realized that Pandora is…GREAT! All you do is type in an artist or song you’d like to listen to and it will play any music that is similar to that – and it is very accurate. For example, I was getting in my rooty tooty fresh and fruity mode (wanting to listen to R&B) at work while I was looking over some graphics. So, I typed in the artist “Maxwell” (by the way, whatever the hell happened to him? he used to be a BEAST!)..But I digress. Anyways, the Pandora player then proceeded to play songs by Maxwell, The Roots, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, and others. I mean, I ain’t no music snob or connoisseur, but those songs were fairly on point and EXACTLY the kind of songs I wanted to jam to while I wasted away company money google chatting. And to top it off, the Pandora website is head and shoulders aesthetically better than either LastFM or Live365.

And another great thing about it is that you don’t have to download anything or open any program to play the music – it streams straight from the website with mp3 quality sound. They got all types of artists too – independent and established. I haven’t been able to find many Indian songs/stations, so that is the only thing so far that is preventing me from giving it the “that shit is fie!” label.

For now, I’m straight smitten with Pandora Radio. Obviously, or “obvi” as my co-worker likes to say, that is subject to change.

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  1. Hey Arpan –

    Thanks for the compliments! It’s great to hear that you’re lovin’ Pandora.

    We’re working on our international music collection…we hope to release a bunch more types of music later this year.

    – Lucia, from Pandora

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