DVD Flick

DVD Flick

I do not enjoy in the least bit watching movies on my 17-inch computer monitor – it’s just too small. So, I figured the next step would be to burn my movie files on my computer to a DVD so I could then play it on my DVD player. Then, I would be able to watch it on the flat screen we have at the crib, but I was unsuccessful in my attempts. Once burned, the DVD would play on my computer, but NEVER on my DVD player. I was just burning the video files (.avi, mpeg, etc.) straight to DVDs – and it never worked exactly right. So, I always wondered what exactly the correct procedure was to actually do this.

My research led me to come across a DVD burning software (freeware) called DVD Flick that allows you to burn practically any video file onto a DVD AND then play that DVD on your DVD player. I’ve tried previously to burn .avi and mpeg files to a DVD, only to no avail. They would play on my computer, just not on my DVD player. But this software does everything for you. All you have to do is select your video files and add them. Then you are ready to burn your DVD. It is absolutely genius – and it’s FREE!

Basically, your DVD video files have to be in a specific format (MPEG-2) or they will not play on your player. So, normally, you would have to transcode your media file (.avi, mpeg, divx, etc) to the MPEG-2 format. Then you would burn that transcoded MPEG-2 file to a DVD. But, with DVD flick, it does the transcoding and burning for you in one step. All you have to do is setup the general parameters (use NTSC format for USA, PAL for outside of the USA) and then add your files and you are ready to burn a DVD!

I tried it out yesterday and burned the movie “The Kingdom” onto DVD – and it played flawlessly on my DVD player – without any problem at all. The quality is not perfect, but it’s damn well good enough, and honestly, who am I to complain? I’m burning bootlegged copies of movies onto DVDs – so honestly, how much should I expect?

I actually got a lot of help from this website which guides you through the process in more detail.

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