Dont You Dare Let Us Down

Dont You Dare Let Us Down

I don’t exactly know if this post is an attack, a promise, or a threat, but I say this to you Barack Obama: don’t you dare let us down. You have resurrected a dormant optimism that hasn’t been seen in decades in this country. People are on the verge of BELIEVING again in the government. Your rhetoric has resonated profoundly across the country. People DESPERATELY want to drink the kool-aid you are serving. You, Senator Obama, have promised change and an invigorating departure from the kind of corrupt and misleading politics we have become accustomed to. You have campaigned across this great country promising to everyone that you offer that change that we hunger for; the change that we so desperately seek and so insatiably want.

Normally, I expect very little from politicians. I often consider their rhetoric shallow and inauthentic, but this time, I feel it is different. I so badly want to believe that this time is different; that what I am being promised will be delivered. We Americans have become our own worst cynics. We are cynical towards the government and our elected leaders. Senator Obama has promised that he will do away with the “same old Washington games” and bring together a country long divided by racial, political, and socio-economic differences.

Senator Obama, you have an obligation to be the catalyst for the change we Americans so avidly seek. If you fail to deliver on what you have promised, we Americans will be deeply disappointed. Your failures will baptize us in cynicism. We will be born-again cynical pessimists. We will find it difficult to again believe that the government can actually BENEFIT the American people.

I think that Senator Obama has the potential to be the once-in-a-generation leader who can bring this country together so we can parse our differences and unify our similarities. I reiterate, Senator Obama, you HAVE TO DELIVER on the inspirational rhetoric that has defined your campaign. The American people have continually been let down, lied to, and bamboozled by the very government they elected to protect and BETTER their lives. For the first time in a very long time, millions of people care again about the direction of their country. We NEED to coalesce around a leader who can revitalize the spirit of a nation. I, like any cynic, am skeptical of the changes that can be delivered by the next president of the United States. I want to believe that this country is headed in the right direction, but I need to see inspirational rhetoric come to fruition.

Senator Obama, you have awakened the dormant spirit of a nation. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT dare let us down.

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