10-0…and counting

10-0…and counting

Last night, Barack Obama won both the Hawaii Caucus and the Wisconsin Primary. That makes him 10 for 10 in the past couple of weeks post-Super Tuesday. He is a BEAST! He is 10-0 since Super Tuesday and counting. Hilary is DEFINITELY fighting an uphill battle now. Even though the Clinton Camp won’t admit it, they are mathematically disadvantaged right now. They need to win Ohio AND Texas and win them BIG if they are to even remain competitive in this contest. And the thing is, they probably won’t be able to get the big win they desperately need. The polls have showed that they are in a dead heat for Texas. Ohio holds a similar voter demographic to that of Wisconsin – and he just flogged that ass in Wisconsin. Hilary is in trouble.

How can she stop this seemingly unstoppable freight train that is the Obama campaign? She has tried everything – from calling him inexperienced to going negative – and nothing has worked. She supposedly had a shot to win Wisconsin and she got beat…bad. Is it a matter of inevitability now? I don’t think we can have that discussion just yet, but if Senator Obama can pull off a victory in either Texas and/or Ohio, then I think we can safely say that “it’s a wrap”. At that point, it would only be a matter of time. But, there are still two weeks left before those contests, so there is enough time for Senator Clinton to gain some ground. But the question is, will she? The more that people are exposed to Obama, the more they like him. It seems that time is in favor of Senator Obama.

I’m not dumb enough to count out the Clintons, but they are the underdog now and if they somehow pull out a victory in this race for the White House, I would be surprised. Like some people have said, they aren’t fighting against just another candidate, they are fighting against a movement – a movement led by a phenomenon of which we’ve arguably never seen the likes of before. They are trying to make history (by having the 1st woman elected) by trying to fight history (the 1st black president). The Clintons have their backs against the wall and they better hope that Senator Clinton destroys Senator Obama in their CNN Debate from Austin, TX tomorrow. She needs something to stop the momentum that the Obama camp has built up from steamrolling Senator Clinton over the past 10 contests. I mean, she hasn’t even been close in any of these contests after Super Tuesday. The Clinton camp better come up with something….and come up with it fast.

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