Too Many Travel Options!

Too Many Travel Options!

Yo, I got way too many travel options. I know that it is a good problem to have, but how exactly will I utilize all these options? I can get a free one-way ticket with Airtran (A+ plus rewards) or use those points on a business class upgrade. I still have a free roundtrip voucher with Airtran that I have to use before July. It looks like I may have to force myself to travel somewhere just so these points and rewards do not go for naught. I need more people to visit and more places to go – so I can utilize all these travel rewards. And I still got a bunch of points I can cash in for a free ticket with my credit card (I’m trying to accumulate enough to get a free ticket to somewhere overseas). And, in addition to all these existing points, I will be accumulating even more because I will be traveling more in the next few months. Look, I know that I’m bitching about an inconvenience that people would love to have, but still, I have to figure out a way to make my inconvenience convenient, ya feel me?

Now, the problem isn’t so much in finding a place or person to visit, but in finding the time to visit. All this traveling for business leaves me very little time to travel for leisure. And I am so guju that if any of these points expire or go to waste, I will look at it as an opportunity wasted. Why do I gotta be so damn brown sometimes???

On the real though, figuring out how to use these points and when to use these points is a little bit complicated. If none of them expired, it wouldn’t even be a problem, but since they do, I have to figure out a way to use these motherlovin’ points in an appropriate way. I’m sure I’ll figure out something…

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