Cold, Wet, And Rainy

Cold, Wet, And Rainy

The title above pretty much describes the weather over here in Chester. It’s pretty shitty – and with all this construction going on out here, it’s fairly muddy too. But, who am I to complain? I’m straight chilling indoors in a well ventilated room in my Paul Bunyanesque jacket while technicians and construction workers are actually braving the elements and having to deal with the inclement conditions. Regardless, I think me and my co-worker will try to go to Richmond this evening to grab some dinner at a decent joint. She’s bouncing out of town tomorrow and won’t be back until next week, so we figured we grab something reasonably priced in the city tonight. She is prone to okie doking, so I believe very little of the promises she makes.

Obama spanked that ass last night in the “Potomac Primaries” (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) – I mean, he SPANKED that ass. I knew he would win, but damn homey, he straight laid the smackdown on Billary. We’ll see if this whole “momentum” nonsense will carry over to Ohio and Texas (jury is still out on that).

I finally got my 6th stamp at the Chester Bistro down the street, so the next time I go there – I get a free meal! Hip hip…hooray! It ain’t even about the money, because I will get reimbursed, but it’s about my tenacious effort and culinary consistency being rewarded. That free meal will taste so much better than any of the paid meals – I guess that’s the Guju in me coming out.

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