Back In Chester

Back In Chester

So, I just arrived in Chester a few hours ago. This is another one of those two week stints. Now, I have to readjust myself to doing diddley squat. The flight this morning was packed and I found myself sandwiched between a big dude and a small dude – right smack in the middle of them (I had to ride bitch on the plane). I didn’t have nearly enough room to sleep and barely enough space to rest my elbows and read a book (“The Alexandria Link”). It was a little bit of a rough flight, but manageable – thank God it only takes about an hour to get from the A to VA. I envy folks who get to fly business class.

Anyways, it’s looking like it may very well be another slow couple of weeks out here, which means that I’ll probably be blogging a lot more than I have been the past couple of weeks. I’m fairly close to finishing updating my resume, so hopefully I can have it back out on the internet within a week. I also have to have to my yearly review done soon, so that should be interesting. I wonder how lightly I will tread this time around. I think I am going to be much more honest and upfront with my superiors this time around. I’m going to voice any reservations and suggestions that I have. It should be interesting – plus, I’m a little eager to hear how they feel about the work I’ve done over the past year. There is a realistic possibility that I may be working somewhere else come summertime, so I will keep that in mind when having my review done.

I’m going to try to dine in some decent joint in Richmond this week and hopefully go to DC this weekend to meet up a friend who’s gonna be there for a medical school interview. Besides that, I don’t really have much else planned. I’m just looking forward to St. Patty’s Day and ‘Frisco – it’s going to be hard keeping my mind off of that.

I gotta do a little more research on the Kaplan SAT prep courses for high school students. I’m thinking about placing my brother in one of those SAT courses – but I want to make sure it will be beneficial for him and it won’t be a waste of my money. He BETTER take that shit seriously – and my parents better be damn serious about supporting him. They better be reliable in dropping him off and picking him up every week. It is so damn hard keeping tabs on him now that I live away from home. My parents have dropped the ball too many times – they need to be more responsible about my brother.

I’m hoping it warms up here in Chester – it was 15 degrees this morning. At least my Asian persuasion co-worker is here to keep me company this time around. She’s usually good for a laugh or two – or at the very least an okie doke or three.

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