In a ‘Frisco State of Mind

In a ‘Frisco State of Mind

A few days ago, I finally made official what I’ve been trying to make reality over the past six months: I booked my plane ticket to San Francisco to visit my sister. My cousin Tesh from Jersey will meet me over on the Left Coast. I am really excited about going – I heard some great things about ‘Frisco and the Bay Area. I already got a skull full of ideas as to what to do and where to go. I definitely wanted to take a wine tour in Napa Valley – I think that that will be a lot of fun. Plus, I’ve never really seen my sister in her own element – I’ve never visited her over there on the Left Coast. I’m really glad though that I got to meet and have so much fun with her Cali friends when they came down to the A for the wedding – so when we go over there to visit her, we’ll already feel comfortable and at ease with most of the people in her life. Plus, I heard they got some bomb-ass food and joints in the Bay Area – so I am definitely looking forward to checking all that out. I also heard that they have a Taco Bell on the beach – ON THE BEACH! Please believe, I have to go there.

I went to see “There Will Be Blood” over the weekend at the theater…and I wasn’t that impressed. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good movie; maybe even a great movie, but it is NOT a great theater movie. It is slow and dark – not a great formula for viewing a movie in a public forum, but the acting performance turned in by Daniel Day-Lewis was outstanding. It was one of the better performances I’ve seen in a while. I still say to this day that he was absolutely jobbed by not receiving an Oscar for his performance as “The Butcher” in “Gangs of New York”. Maybe he will receive the Oscar this time around. I actually wanted to see “Juno”, but maybe next time (maybe in Chester).

In other news, I’m headed back to Chester tomorrow morning for another couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to finshing a novel that I started last time when I went (The Alexandria Link). The one negative thing about going back to Chester this time is that when I come back, I will only have ONE week off before I have to return back to VA. That was the only way I could have worked out the schedule to accommodate my work and my personal life in the month of March. I’m headed to Savannah on the weekend of the 14th for St. Patty’s Day festivities and then to ‘Frisco on the 19th to visit my recently married sister (it is still weird seeing her name as “Trushna Metha”). So, that’s going to be a little bit of a rough stretch for me, but at least I will get to balance my professional and personal life in a manner in which I feel that neither is being slighted. It will be a busy ass month, but a fun month. I love taking trips because it always gives me something to look forward to. And then, after I get back from Cali, I will be leaving for Cabo in a month’s timeframe from then – so that will be another thing to look forward to. It should be an exciting, albeit busy couple of months.

Why is it that when, for once, you DO NOT want to go out, people find it hard to understand that. Last night, I didn’t want to go out – at least not to a club or any place I would deem “cosmopolitan”. I either wanted to go bowling, chill at a low-key bar, or just rent a movie from Kroger and call it a night. I mean, I know that I pretty much am down for whatever 99.9% of the time – but every now and then, even I don’t want to go out. But a few of my friends had a different idea in mind and basically wouldn’t go without me accompanying them. Folks just kept asking me, “why don’t you want to go?” – and I kept having to respond “because I just don’t feel like it” – and they seemed to be thoroughly unsatisfied with that answer. I go out enough that sometimes I just want to chill at the crib – nothing more and nothing less. But, needless to say, my cousin convinced me to go out and we went to MJQ Concourse. I always liked MJQ. It is a chill dance club with a scarcity of pretentious folks. Everybody there is just trying to have a good time – people are themselves and aren’t afraid to dance and act a fool. I have always respected that about this place. I was even privy to hearing a rendition of “Hoe Sit Down” remixed to the beat of “Stand By Me” – how sacrilegious is that?

Later on in the evening, a friend of mine made it a point to tell me that I should never interpret business as family and vice versa. The brouhaha that took place started with me simply telling my friend that I predominately fly Airtran because it is consistent and because it is cheaper. So, then my friend asks me why it even matters that it is cheaper (because I get reimbursed). I told him that, first off, there is no need for me to buy a more expensive airline ticket when there is a cheaper one – even if I am not paying for it. I have never put myself in a position where I’ve placed myself in a detrimental position because of my allegiance to my company. I’ve never stayed at a shitty roach motel because I wanted to save the company’s money. But, if two things are equivalent in my mind, I will go the cheaper route because at that point, it is a matter of ethics to me. Why should I pay more and spend more of my company’s money when it doesn’t matter? Maybe if I worked in a larger company where everyone took advantage of their situation, maybe I would too – but I don’t roll like that. I was simply trying to explain the way I look at my current job sometimes – as a family. NEVER have I put myself in a position to be taken advantage of because I didn’t want to “disappoint” my business/family. But, when you work in a company as small as mine (when I started it was only about 5-6 folks total in this company), it is HARD not to sometimes view the people at your work like your family. When you work in a small company, there isn’t a hierarchy and you are allowed the freedom to be yourself and grow as a professional without inhibition. When I have an opportunity to save my company money in any way, I often do. I think that is hard for some people to understand this. They think that whenever you get an opportunity to advance your own career, it doesn’t matter what you leave unsettled in the dust of your past. I don’t believe in that. I believe in doing things the right way. Maybe it’s a matter of ethics – I don’t know. I got HEATED about being told that I should never view business as family. Do I look like a flippin’ idiot? Do I NOT know this? By being told that, to me, that implied that I didn’t know that and that I was being taken advantage of.

The greater problem was that my friend kept reiterating this obvious truth – making it seem as though I didn’t understand nor rationally comprehend the realities of the professional world. And the thing that pisses me off is that the person who was telling me this doesn’t even have a job in his career path! This friend of mine is my close friend, but he really has a hard time of understanding other people’s situations. He just can’t see outside of his own scope. He just doesn’t understand the lives of other people well. And sometimes, it pisses me off. All I’m saying is, don’t come at me with bullshit and not expect to be called out on that. Don’t fervently tell me that “I know what you’re worth”, “you’re being underpaid”, and “that’s why you’ve been unhappy at your job” and expect me not to react. Don’t come at me with that weak bullshit. By you telling me that, you’re implying that I don’t already know that – as if I have a loose grip and weak understanding of my own life. I HATE when people can’t even begin to understand the shit you are going through. Instead of trying to understand by asking rational questions and making reasonable suggestions, they make irrational statements and offer narrow-minded advice. I DO NOT respond well to that. I hate being underestimated or made to feel like a fool. DO NOT talk down to me. I don’t take that lightly. This friend of mine always says some stupid ass shit that pisses someone off. He is my boy – but the minute I try to explain to him the consequences of his words and the ramifications of his ignant opinions – he gets defensive and refuses to listen. I think that I probably won’t tell him as much about my personal life in the future – because his ignorance is too much for me to listen to sometimes. He is as hypocritical a person as I’ve ever known – and he doesn’t even see it. I’m not even being biased right now – I’m being rational and reasonable. This is the way he is and I fear that he will NEVER change because he never has. It isn’t as though I won’t be friends with him anymore or that he won’t be my boy anymore – it’s just that I’ll be more reluctant to share my opinions with him.

Anyways, the night ended the way any night should end – at the Waffle. ‘Nuff said.

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