The New York Football Giants

The New York Football Giants

“Excuses are tools of the incompetent.” That is a quote that I heard years ago that resonates justly this morning. I predicted that The Patriots would win the Super Bowl – and I was wrong. There is no denying that; I won’t run away from my oversight of the New York Football Giants. Although, to be fair, I did say that I would not be shocked if the G-Men pulled out a victory. I didn’t think it would be a blowout and I figured that if the G-Men hung around long enough, they would have a shot at winning the game – but I just didn’t think they would.

This game played out a lot like most of the Patriots’ games in the last half of the season. The Patriots would let the opponent hang around just long enough to steal the game away in the 4th quarter – and that looked like the case again last night, but She-lijah Manning and the G-Men had other plans. I knew that when the Patriots scored with under 3 minutes to go in the 4th quarter last night, they had left too much time on the clock. They really hadn’t been able to stop the Giants offense the entire night – they controlled them, but couldn’t stop them. To be honest, the Giants deserved to win that game last night – they flat out outplayed the Patriots.

I give major props to Eli Manning for proving to the world that he has turned the corner and that he was not a liability to this football team – he was an invaluable asset that outplayed every single QB he faced off against in these NFL Playoffs (Jeff Garcia, Tony Romo, Brett Favre, and even Tommy B). I mean, did you see that escape from the rush late in the 4th when he should have been sacked? Not only did he escape, but he scrambled around enough to air it out to David Tyree who made the greatest catch in the history of the New York Football Giants. When he made the catch, I knew that the G-Men were going to score. It was a matter of inevitability at that point.

I was rooting for the Patriots – I wanted to see history. Now, I may never again in my lifetime experience an undefeated season – I mean, look at how good these Patriots were – and even they couldn’t make it through the whole season without a blemish on their record. Either way, I feel that last night was a little bit of a lose-lose situation for the rest of America outside of the New York or Boston area. Regardless of last night’s outcome, either obnoxious New York fans or obnoxious Boston fans were going to prevail – and that ain’t never pretty for the rest of us fans. But, I’ll give respect where respect is due – congratulations to the G-Men for pulling off one of the greatest upsets in NFL history (and maybe the greatest of my lifetime). What’s important about this game isn’t that the Patriots LOST this game, it’s that the Giants WON this game. The Giants can rest assured knowing that they weren’t handed a damn thing in this Super Bowl; they went out and snatched away history from the Patriots. They earned the victory – outright without debate.

It just felt odd seeing the Patriots NOT win. I don’t think it’s really settled in just yet. I mean, we all thought that the Patriots and Tommy Brady were invincible – especially on the grandest of all stages. No worries though Boston fans, the Patriots will be back next year. They have the 7th pick in the draft and they will retool that defense. If you thought the Patriots were angry and pissed off after last year’s loss to the Colts and after Spygate this year, just wait ’til next year. They will be EXTREMELY motivated and anxious to avenge this year’s painful loss.

What a season…and what a way to end it…

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