Neutrality is No Longer An Option

Neutrality is No Longer An Option

Have you ever been in a situation where you were neutral when others were objectively biased? I find myself in a relative predicament; a he say/she say conundrum. I feel as though I’ve become embroiled in a scenario in which I’ve made it a point to be indifferent and aloof. I’m stuck in the middle of a war of words and a battle of truth and fiction. I have come to the unwanted realization that I am going to have to step in between two opposing parties and mediate some sort of acceptable resolution.

This a real life tale of love, lies, and deception. How can I possibly tell a close friend of mine unpleasant truths about the love (1st love) of his life? How exactly will he react? The thing is, I WILL NOT tell him anything until I can substantiate the accusations leveled against his significant other. I’m going to have to step in the middle and try to corroborate all the propaganda that I’ve been privy to hearing over the past few months.

I’m just hoping this cat will listen to me – at least give a little thought to the facts that I present to him. I think love can make you irreverently blind and extremely stubborn – especially your 1st love. So, how likely is it that my friend will believe what I have to say? How do I know he won’t take what I have to say with a grain of salt?

I did not want to step into all this melodramatic bullshit. I was trying to avoid it all costs, but now it seems that the pressure has risen to a boiling point. My friend is dating someone who is not the most mentally stable of females (she isn’t crazy; just not stable). To be brutally honest, I don’t think she is right for him – I think he can do better. He doesn’t deserve all this drama and bullshit – once again, I reiterate, love SHOULD NOT be this hard. I may be the only person that my friend will legitimately listen to, so I feel morally obligated to try to set the record straight. I want my friend to have all the facts on the table so he can better evaluate his relationship and if he wants to continue on the same path. I think that no matter how much the truth could hurt him, he needs to know it. It is only fair, or at least I think so. I think that I would prefer living in despair and knowing the truth rather than living in ignorance and being happy. Even if my world is turned upside down as the result of the truth, I would want to know.

I tried my best to stay out of all this bullshit, but the time has come for me to quell the propaganda and bring the inconvenient truth to light. But, I’m going to have to be sure that I know for certain what is fact and what is fiction – I refuse to be uninformed and irresponsible with my mediation of this difficult situation. This, my friends, is going to be interesting…

Neutrality is no longer an option…

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