Tommy B and The Patriots VS Eli and the G-Men

Tommy B and The Patriots VS Eli and the G-Men

So, I haven’t really written a sports-related post in a very long minute – so, you know damn well that I had to post something on the possibly historic Super Bowl taking place this coming Sunday. Can the Patriots (the NFL’s equivalent of the Evil Empire this year) possibly cap off a perfect season with their 4th Super Bowl victory in 7 years? Can Tommy B possibly do it again and hoist his 4th Super Bowl trophy at the age of 30? Or, on the flip side, can the New York Football Giants possibly pull off a historic upset? Can they possibly rain on the Patriots perfect parade? Has Eli really turned the corner, or has he just been playing with house money and his luck is soon to run out?

I’m going to go out on an entirely obvious and popular limb and predict that the Patriots pursuit of perfection will be successful after this Sunday. I mean, they have persevered through so many close games in the last half of this season – and they found a way to win each one. People talk a lot about how the Giants have won 10 straight on the road and that they are 10-1 this year on the road – but the Patriots are UNDEFEATED on the road this year. Let’s not forget that.

I am hoping that the game is as close and exciting as it was in Week 17. I do not think that the Patriots will cover the point spread (-14) – I think the game will be close. I think that both teams will play mistake-free football and there will be a lot of points and touchdowns scored. Both defenses are soft in the middle and have allowed a lot of big plays and a lot of passing yards throughout the season – and I don’t think that will change Sunday. I just have a feeling that Randy Moss will have a big game – he hasn’t done diddly squat the entire playoffs, so I think he’s ready for the biggest spotlight in all of American sports. And please don’t snooze on Wes “Roast Beef” Welker – he is the unequivocal truth. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him hoisting the Super Bowl MVP trophy. It seems like teams can stop Randy Moss, but they can’t stop Wes Welker. He is a BEAST! He is arguably the most dangerous receiver coming off of a screen pass in the league.

I think that Eli and Tommy B will play well – but in the end, I feel that the Patriots are just a little bit tougher than the Giants are and they know how to win close games just a little better. Plus, I cannot see a scenario in which the Patriots do not finish off what they started in Week 1. They have been so focused and determined this entire season – I do not see a situation in which they will lose focus. Giving a coach of Bill Bellichik’s football intellect and genius one week to gameplan is enough, but two weeks? Please. New England will be ready.

I’m not a fan of the Patriots, but I’ve always liked them and even admired them. Plus, anyone that knows me knows that I’m not too fond of New York sport franchises, so how could I possibly root for the G-Men? I cannot, in good faith and southern conviction, support She-lijah Manning and Plexiglass . And besides, I want to see history made. I want to be able to say that I was witness to a season of perfection and arguably the greatest team ever in the history of the NFL. I guess I’m a sucker for history. I’m just glad that I will get to watch the Super Bowl in the A with my friends and folks (as opposed to Chester) . My roommate and I are having a little Super Bowl shindig at the crib this year, so that should be a lot of fun. I’m telling you, ain’t nothing better than getting together with your boys and watching sports – ain’t nothing better. Discussion about sports is just like politics – everybody thinks they know everything, but really, don’t nobody know nothing…….but it sure as hell is fun.

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