Smaller Airports

Smaller Airports

Richmond Airport

I like small(er) airports. I have traveled a little bit over the past few years and have frequented bigger airports and smaller airports. I like the smaller ones better. They are a lot more peaceful, a lot less frantic, and you get to go in and out in a fairly quick manner. Usually, you go through security a lot quicker and there isn’t as much commotion going on around you. Plus, I just like the cozy feel of smaller airports – you don’t feel lost in them. I think that in comparison to Hartsfield-Jackson, the smaller airports are a breath of fresh air. Here are some of my favorite smaller airports:

Richmond International Airport (Richmond, VA)
Westchester County Airport (White Plains, NY)
Bloomington-Normal (Bloomington, IL)
Copenhagen Airport (Copenhagen, Denmark) – only been there once, but really liked it – even though my friends and I almost got separated because an employee there said that it was “humanely impossible” to go back to the gate from the baggage claim area

Coincidentally, I have almost always flown exclusively with Airtran to these airports. I like Airtran – they almost always seem to be the cheapest and I’ve rarely had a problem with them. I feel like with smaller airports, there is less bullshit and the entire process of flying (checking in, getting a boarding pass, security, etc) is expedited and more efficient. I don’t know, maybe it’s kind of like going into a mom and pop joint as opposed to a franchise. I like how peaceful and relaxed smaller airports are.

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