Another blase day at the plant

Another blase day at the plant

Another ho-hum day at the plant. I did absolutely nothing (unless you count browsing the world wide web for 8 hours as something) the entire day. We basically work at the pace of the construction crew and they have been very lackadaisical and inefficient. I think that we are a lot more behind than we are supposed to be. This is probably the easiest money I’ve ever made, so I can only complain so much (if at all). I try to get up and walk around every now and then to prevent myself from falling asleep – it is literally that boring. This is the most mundane its ever been out here; I’ve been a lot busier on previous trips out here. Anyways, the highlight of my day was a leftover corn muffin from a catered BBQ lunch that I just ate. I love me some corn bread and soul food!

Note to self: make corn bread more often at the crib.

On another note, I have deplorable phone reception at my apartment, so I’m pretty sure that I’ve missed a ton of calls over the past week and a half. I hope folks are leaving voice mails so I can return their missed calls. But, on the bright side, there is the one spot on the coffee table where I can place my phone and actually get a bar or two of reception. Yes, it has come to that…

I’m getting really tired of eating out over here. I’ve gotten so tired of eating out that I’ve eaten salads for dinner the past couple of nights – yeah, it’s gotten that bad. I miss being at the crib and cooking myself up some tofu stir-fry, pasta, or some black bean quesadillas. Mmmmm….Next time I come back out here, I’m going to go grocery shopping so I can fix up dinner most of the time – at least that’ll make it feel more like home. And I’ll probably get some pots and pans…Right now, our apartment is straight up like a bachelor’s pad. There’s beer and coke in the fridge and frozen dinners in the freezer – and that’s it. We have plastic utensils, paper plates, and plastic cups. I guess I wasn’t too motivated to go out and get too much stuff this go-around, but maybe next time…

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