South Carolina Debate Fireworks

South Carolina Debate Fireworks

Oooooohhhh weeeee!!!! Did you see the South Carolina democratic debate? It was bananas heated and at times, very intense. Senator Obama and Senator Clinton were locked and loaded with political ammunition. They were firing at will at each other. It was even borderline uncomfortable at times. Both were unafraid to trade barbs and exchange unpleasantries straight from the beginning. To me, it appeared that Senator Obama initiated the back and forth accusatory banter. He seemed determined to fight back against all the hearsay and political propaganda that was centered around him and manufactured from the Clinton camp. I think that he made it a point to be sure to tell the voters that the accusations leveled against him concerning his resume and his voting history were false and negligible. He was taking on both Senator Clinton AND former President Bill Clinton – a tall task indeed. I have to say though, it was good stuff. It was exciting to see the conversational exchanges between the two presidential candidates.

I think that John Edwards got a little lost during these heated moments of political trepidation, but he found his way throughout the debate. I think he came out relatively unscathed and to be quite honest, appeared to be the sanest of the three candidates. Did he do enough to catch up to Clinton and Obama? I really don’t think so. Plus, to me, Edwards is always trying to get the vote of the American hearts. He is always recanting stories of the poor and disenfranchised people he has met and grown up with. He is always force feeding us the various sob stories he’s encountered throughout the campaign trail. I mean, it’s cool, but it can be a little much sometimes and his passion and emotion can come off as false and contrived. I’m not really expecting Edwards to compete – I think that this a 2-candidate race and it won’t be decided until the last days of the primaries and caucuses.

I did find it interesting how John Edwards practically “conceded” the republican candidacy to Senator John McCain. I think that that was a strategic move by the democratic party to subconsciously coerce republican voters to vote for McCain for the GOP candidacy. I think it is no secret that the democrats would love to square off against John MccCain in the General Election. I don’t know if anyone else picked up on this, but that was my interpretation of his comments. Why else would he feel the need to specifically name John McCain? Politics is all about strategy and positioning.

I did think though that Obama clearly was the most charismatic out of the three and definitely won the crowd over. But, clearly, his seemingly meteoric rise is largely contributed to his charisma and popularity with the younger segment of voters. I know that he has swayed me somewhat over to his side. I haven’t crossed that line just yet, but I’m inching my way closer to the Obama camp. I am still undecided though. I even want to take a look at the Independent candidate once the dust has settled from these primaries.

Someone did make a good point on CNN though last night – someone mentioned that the Democrats better be extremely careful in how they play their cards when competing against one another for the democratic candidacy. The main reason they should be cautious when doing this is that every negative and inflammatory thing they bring to light now, will probably be used against them come General Election time. I think that this election is an extraordinary opportunity for the Democrats to win back the White House – they better not screw it up. I personally think it would be a MAJOR, a COLOSSAL choke job if the democratic party does not win the presidency. I mean, clearly, folks are sick and tired of being sick and tired – and so much of that has to do with their displeasure and frustration with the GOP party after both of George W. Bush’s terms. I feel that folks are desperate for a change and that the democrats better tread very carefully in the coming months knowing that this is a marathon and not a sprint.

Please believe, oh please believe, that I will be tuned in on January 30th and the 31st for the last Republican and Democratic debates before Super Tuesday.

Now, if only we could get President David Palmer from 24 to run for office…

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