South Carolina Democratic Debate

South Carolina Democratic Debate

As the election season heats up, I find myself increasingly more interested in all the ubiquitous political propaganda and coverage. I watched the entire Nevada Democratic debates last week on CNN and plan to do the same for the South Carolina Democratic debates that are being held tonight. This election year is a very interesting and unique year. There are no clear-cut favorites right now – there is a lot of confusion and dissension among the republican party. Who will emerge as the GOP candidate? The democratic candidacy is a 2-candidate race: Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. It is impossible to predict right now who will emerge as the candidates for both parties come election time.

I myself am still undecided. I think that I will probably vote Democrat mainly because my views fall more in line with the democratic candidates than with the republican candidates – and the fact that I am ready for a change. But, I’m eager to research more about the republican candidates and hopefully get to watch a few of their debates too.

I wasn’t too impressed by any of the democratic candidates that participated in the Nevada debates (Obama, Edwards, and Clinton). They all seemed a little cautious and were extremely generic in their answers (as expected). I think that the gloves will start to come off starting today and as we get closer to Super Tuesday.

I know one thing though – people have to stop voting solely based on their party affiliation. So the flip what if you are a republican and have always been? That doesn’t mean you should just be ignorant and vote republican. Why not try researching all the candidates (democratic, republic, and independent) and then make a wise decision? There are so many people who are so vehemently against voting for the opposing party’s candidate. I mean, so many republican voters swear up and down that electing the democratic candidate (likely Obama or Clinton) to office would signal the beginning of the end. I mean, where the hell were they before Bush got elected? Did they similarly predict the end of the world then before he was sworn into office? Why does there even have to be such a discernible divide between the democratic and republican parties? I mean, I know that I am oversimplifying it, but cmon, there should be no division when it comes to progress and prosperity – I still have yet to understand that.

All I know is that I will probably be glued to all the coverage and the surrounding political hoopla. This should be a fun race to the White House.

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