My Folks

My Folks

I think that I actually miss my folks – I saw them a few weeks back, but only once since the marriage (about a month). I don’t know exactly why – maybe because we all got together and had such a good time at the marriage, I don’t know. I think that as soon as I get back to the A, I’m gonna head out to L’Ville to visit ’em (and, in all likelihood, munch on some palak panner and pani purisGuju 4 life son, 4 life!). Plus, me and my moms got to decide what we are going to do with my lil’ bro (as far as academically). I have to really consider whether it will be worthwhile for me to put him in the Kaplan courses for the SAT. Those classes are expensive, so before I slice the necessary provolone, I’m going to have to determine how effective the classes actually are and how much they will benefit my brother. I kind of hate that it’s come to this, but – it is what it is.

Anyways, I’m going to have to be sure to swing by the crib in L’Ville to say wassup to the folks. I have fun when I go back to the crib – I go there for a few hours and shoot the irrelevant breeze with the folks. I think moving out has made me appreciate it more. Sometimes, I think it’s good to get away from the things in life you’ve become routinely accustomed to – you tend to appreciate them more and take them less for granted. Before, when I resided in the crib in L’Ville – I became extremely weary of living at home and dealing with all the incessant subtleties that came along with that. But now, I don’t mind the annoying nuances that await me at the crib anymore. Getting away was good for me – it gives me the space and freedom to maintain the kind of serenity that I’ve always wanted.

I need to keep in touch better with my folks when I am away from home – I have a really bad habit of forgetting to call or keep in touch with the folks. When I went to Europe for a month, I didn’t call them once. When I was in Spain for a semester, I may have called them a handful of times – at the most. Every time I would go out when I lived at home, I very rarely called home to let them know what the deal would be for the evening. I need to get better about that – maybe that’s why I miss my folks some time. But hey, I’m more than cognizant of how good I got it; some folks’ folks are halfway across the country or even in other countries. Plus, all this having to eat out here in Chester has me yearning for some good ol‘ home cooked Indian food. Daar, bhaath, shaakh, and rotli (lentils, rice, vegetables, and Indian tortilla) never sounded so damn good!

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