Last Minute Trip to DC

Last Minute Trip to DC

This past weekend, I took a 2-hour trip up north to Washington, DC to meet up a few acquaintances. It was kind of a last minute thing, but nevertheless, I was jumping at the chance to visit our nation’s capital. I haven’t been there since elementary school – the last time I went was as a safety patrol on their annual trip to DC.

Anyways, when I left Chester on Saturday afternoon, the snow was coming down in pretty decent force here – I was afraid that I would hit some iced up roads and very slow conditions on the way up 95-North, but I was fortunate that once I got about 30 minutes away from Chester, the snow ceased. But, I have to say that it was kind of cool driving in the snow – how often do I (an Atlanta born and raised kid) get to experience that???

Anyways, for the evening, I went out with a few friends to eat at a Mexican restaurant (Lauriol Plaza) to celebrate a friend’s bday and then we went to some club named Ibiza (it was aight). Anyways, the evening was fun, met some new folks and had a good time – I’d be a fool to ask for anything more and an idiot to want anything less. Anyways, I really enjoyed the city of DC. It definitely has the Northeastern (think New York, Philly, Boston) feel to it. And the fact that you have the Capitol and The White House in the background of the city definitely doesn’t hurt – that definitely adds to the scenery. Anyways, my only reservation about DC was that I didn’t get to spend more time in it. I think DC would be a great city to visit for a few days so I could go around to some of the museums and government buildings and just be a tourist for a few days while I rage on maniacally at night at the various hot spots in DC. A friend of mine did an internship for a few months in DC and we never did go up to visit him – but if any other associate of mine is there for an extended period of time, please believe, I’m going to make sure to visit them.

Something I did find a little odd about DC was the fact that they had letters as street names. For example, we stayed in a hotel that was addressed at 900 F Street. At first, I was annoyed by this – I mean, why the hell couldn’t they just use normal street names like other folks? But, after driving around (and admittedly fumbling around and getting lost a few times) all night, I started to actually warm to this new concept of letter street names. It makes getting around a lot easier – I mean, if you wanted to get to say, 1250 H Street – then you would just go the intersection of 12th and H Street. It is very similar to New York in a way in that you don’t need to know nothing but the direction in which the streets are either increasing or decreasing – and you can find your way around. Anyways, I’ve never seen that anywhere else (the letter street names), so I thought that was a interestingly novel idea. Good stuff.

It was a good trip – I got a feeling that I will probably revisit it in the next few months. I’ll definitely be back in Chester for a few more months and it was intimated to me by the bossman (affectionately known in the streets as The Wangsta) that I may take a trip up to DC for a week or two. We’re doing a job for The Capitol and I have done some work on it – so I might be needed to go there and sheck out whats going on over there. No offense to Chester (seemingly my home away from home), but DC would be a step up (as sacrilegious as that sounds)

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