The Amazing Week It Was

The Amazing Week It Was

Am I really this out of it? Is my mind really in this much of a vegetated state? I returned to work today after having 10 days off and found myself fumbling my way around at work like a zombie. I, like every other person in this country, found myself wanting to be anywhere else but work.

My last 10 days were absolutely amazing. Between my birthday and my sister’s wedding – it was amazing. I don’t even think I can put it into words – but, like always, I’ll give it a try – later.

I took a ton of pictures from the wedding and will post them up later. So many amazing stories and recollections of the wedding and the days leading up to it. I saw a blog once of someone who quasi-documented his sister’s wedding in India. Like they say, “imitation is the greatest form of flattery” – so I’m going to go ahead and do the same. But right now, my mind is still stuck in the euphoric oblivion of bliss and joy I experienced this past weekend. Damn, it feels SO DAMN GOOD to know that people had such a blast over the weekend at my sister’s wedding and that everything probably EXCEEDED my sister’s expectations. She deserved to have everything go right this weekend – and somehow, unbelievably, it did. Wow – life isn’t supposed to be that satisfying and fun, is it? Somehow, every now and then, amazing moments happen that quell my growing cynicism and resurrect my diminished hope and faith in the possibility of great things happening. Life has a funny way of bitch slapping you and calling you out of your name one minute and kissing you on the forehead and reassuring you the next. Anyways, I’ll write a post later detailing the wedding and all the shenanigans and traditions that come along with Indian weddings.

Stay tuned.

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