Same To You

Same To You

I took the ‘rents out last night for their anniversary – lord knows if they have made it this long, there is hope for all of us. We went to Provino’s Italian Restaurant in Snellville. I ordered the Canneloni en Bianco, my moms ordered a Vegetable Lasagna, and my pops ordered Fettucine Provino (Fettucine Alfredo). Everything was delicious and they threw in free salad and garlic bread – so that didn’t hurt. But good lord, there was so much damn oil and garlic at the bottom of the bread basin – damn!!! Anyways, dinner went pretty well and afterwards, right before I left to go back home, I told my parents, “Happy Anniversary” – and my pops responded by saying “Same to you”. Funny guy…funny guy…man, he can be SO off the chain sometimes…

Maybe uncivilized might be the best way to describe my pops sometimes. It’s like he don’t know no betta – and I tell that to my brother all the time when he’s ridiculing or entertaining himself at the expense of my pops. I tell him all the time, the difference between him and my pops is that my pops don’t know not a damn bit betta and my brother does – or should. Anyways, this is just one of many (in)famous sayings that my pops has popularized. I guess he’s known for saying things that just don’t make sense. For example,

“Nothing is better than something is good”

Now, I think what he is trying to say is that something is better than nothing, but damn, he sure did butcher that one, huh? Funny guy man…funny guy…

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