Just Another Day in the Life

Just Another Day in the Life

Well, Well, Well. It’s roughly about 8:40 in the morning here in the great American city of Chester, VA. I’ve been at the plant for about 2 hours and just so happen to find a moment to lackadaisacally freelance. I have to admit – i’m a little tired, but last night, I had my cake and I ate it too – so I guess I can’t really complain much. I’ve noticed (as if I already didn’t know) that I REALLY enjoy good conversation. It is very difficult for me to end a good conversation – maybe I just don’t want it to end or something, I don’t know – or maybe I just like to yap a lot, I don’t know. But all I know is that good conversation can sometimes be a scarce commodity (kind of like cheap gas), so when you get it, you fill your tank to the brim with it not knowing when it’ll come again. Me and my analogies/metaphors/similes – do they only make sense to me?

Anyways, I got a few things I need to look over this weekend before I head back to the dirty dirty. I’ve written a preliminary draft of the speech I’ll give at my sister’s wedding reception – but it’s real rough around the edges. I’m gonna have to trim it up and edit it – but my main goal yesterday evening was to at least get started on it and jot some rudimentary ideas on paper. I’m trying to keep it more light hearted than sappy and emotional. I’d rather people laugh at what I have to say than to cry. But, I might throw in a fruity one-liner, a sensitive sentence or two, or a foo foo comment every now and then. You never know I guess…The real test will actually be me delivering the speech – I’m gonna have to practice that and not jam up or choke like B. Rabbit.

My mom’s intent on delivering a toast at the reception. And who the hell says you need scriptwriters to write comedy? One thing I do want to do during my hosting duties at the reception is to not make the groom’s family feel in any way excluded. I’m a little biased (obviously, being the bride’s brother), so I want to make sure that I don’t send off the vibe that it’s all about my sis y nada mas. I want to make sure to divert any sort of attention towards the married couple and let them have their moment – even if they insist on not being the center of attention.

My sister deserves this. She’s been through a lot of trials and tribulations – she’s had a lot of doubts and insecurities and she finally found someone who is actually deserving of her. She got lucky and so did he – and maybe that’s how it works out sometimes. Maybe, the moment we think we got it all figured out, we get thrown for a gut-wrenching, incredible loop that leaves us questioning ourselves, “what the hell do I really know?”…and then, seemingly out of nowhere, what you’ve always wanted and needed is at your front door, knocking persistently and patiently. Maybe shit just happens sometimes.

I haven’t even decided on a wedding gift yet. I want to get something that they can use, not just some overpriced teapot or something off of their registry. I am very tempted to just give them a lot of cash and let them use it how they see fit. They’re moving into a new apartment at the beginning of the new year, and maybe they can use it to buy some furniture or something to spruce up their new place. I think that would be useful. I’m normally a very thoughtful guy, but I think that cash might be a lot more practical in this scenario – and maybe, it’ll give them motivation to by something they’ve needed for a while. I’ve fiddled around with the idea of upgrading their honeymoon package in Belize, but their package and honeymoon itinerary is already so packed with stuff to do, that I feel like any extra add-on I give them won’t mean as much.

I really hope that everything goes smoothly that weekend.

I like cool people. A very vague statement – I know, but it echoes true in my mind. I just like people who are not judgmental and who know how to carry a lucid conversation without worry or insecurity. I’ve always tried to surround myself with humble, nonchalant folks who are inherently good people. I REALLY don’t think you can ever really have enough of those people around…

On a completely random note, I got a big fantasy football matchup this weekend against my sworn enemey (disaffectionately dubbed “The Hamster” by me). He’s been talking filth the whole week. I gotta take him down and serve him a nice, delicious, warm, fat piece of humble pie so he can, in Denny Green’s words, “crown my ass”. But, yet again, I digress.

Word on the street is that people actually read this jumbled mess I call a blog – well, I know at least one person that does – so maybe this has inspired me to write more. I don’t know if that’s it, but I do find myself jotting down my sporadic thoughts more frequently in this blog.

It has recently been brought to my attention that I have been fraternizing with a Miami Dolphins pseudo-fan. I mean, I understand the allegiance and all, but damn the Dolphins are terrible!!! I’m rooting for a fat, obese zero in the win column at the end of the season.

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