Back to Chester

Back to Chester

Later on today I head back to my second home (or so it feels like) of Chester, VA. I was told that I wouldn’t have to return to VA for the foreseeable future – but I was duped; I was bamboozled I tell ya!!! I guess things change. But, the bright side of all this is that I had a month off (meaning I worked in the A) in which I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and folk in the A and got to relax in my apartment for an entire month. Oh, how we come to appreciate the simple luxuries of life when they’re abruptly taken from us.

But, on the flip side, I will get to dine at the Chester Bistro & Cafe which is about a mile from the power plant. I’m already craving the Farmer’s Market veggie wrap with a bowl of Tuscan bisque tomato soup. And you thought I went there for the work, pay, experience, and because I had no other option? Naw playa, It’s all about the wrap…all about the wrap…

Anyways, I’m heading out on Airtran later today for Richmond, VA (about 20 miles north of Chester). I’ll go in to work tomorrow morning and cover the weekend for a co-worker (he’s going home). He’s primarily going to be stationed in Chester for a few months, so I don’t mind covering for him every now and then. I know all too well how good it feels to be home.

I just hope I can get back in time for the 4pm game on Sunday between the Patriots and Steelers. There’s a little part of me that actually wants to see the Patriots run the table and see the Dolphins languish in historical ineptitude. A 16-0 team and an 0-16 team in the same season? If only we are to be that lucky…if only…

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