2 Years Removed From Love

2 Years Removed From Love

Nearly 2 years removed from love, and what exactly have I learned??? One: I want to be in love again – that I know for sure. It is too amazingly incomparable a feeling for me to not want to experience it again. Two: I will be more cautious with how vulnerable I allow myself to become for another – It’s not like I won’t ever let my guard down again – it’ll just take more time.

Maybe it is the fact that my sister is on the precipice of tying the knot (nearly a month away), or maybe it is the fact that nearly everyone I am surrounded with is either in a relationship or freshly coming out of one. I don’t know, but I’ve recently pondered the lessons I’ve learned from past relationships. What exactly is it that I want in a partner and in a relationship? Hmm…

I’ve bypassed the complex train of thought for the simple mindset. I want a relationship that just works. As naive and idealistic as that sounds, that is a big deal to me. I don’t want to have to make a relationship work – I just want it to work. I don’t want to be inundated with insignificant and irrelevant issues. How much does it really matter if I don’t pay full attention to you during the game on the tube if I am there for you all the time? The fact that I am there whenever you need me should far outweigh my occasionally diminished attention. That is what I am talking about. I never understood what it is about people that makes them so focused on exploiting the tiny, irrelevant matters of life. Just be rational – is all I’m saying. I don’t know if I can explain that any better than that. Whoever has been through breakups and prior transgressions can understand where I am coming from.

Let me see if I can explain this as simply as possible: I want someone who is intelligent, ambitious, attractive, and selfless. It CANNOT be that hard to find. And, to top that all off, my preference is to be with an Indian (a preference, not a requirement). I want someone that has a pure heart – someone who is truly selfless and has the interest of others in mind.

I want someone who I can ALWAYS be myself around; someone who can interact seamlessly with my friends. I want someone who has a sense of humor – and by that I don’t mean that they just laugh at my jokes, but that they crack me up too. Laughter goes an infinitely long way.

I think that I was very fortunate in some ways in my previous relationship. I was with someone who was understanding and caring and didn’t subjugate me to all the bullshit that accompanies most relationships. So, I don’t have any horror stories to tell or suspenseful scripts to attest to.

Cooking and cleaning is a plus (a BIG plus). Another thing is passion. I want someone who has a passion for life – who likes to go out, likes to experience new things; someone who isn’t characterized by blandness and monotony. Is what I want unattainable? I sure hope not.

I want someone who is a BETTER person than I am – someone I admire, respect, and love. Someone who will be a good wife and a great mother. I think I am attracted to women who exude some sort of motherly instinct. I DON’T want any sort of irrelevant drama (most of this is largely dependent on who I end up with – because I myself hate drama). I always wondered why boyfriends and girlfriends put themselves through so much incessant melodramatic bullshit. To me, people should only bitch about the big issues – and not sweat the small stuff. No need to make continents out of cities. No need.

I must be extremely simplistic and unreasonably rational. Do I just make too much sense???

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