Giggity Giggity

Giggity Giggity

So, Black Friday is upon us…I had a Thanksgiving Dinner at the crib last night, had a few friends over, and set out a solid plan for the evening/early morning:

– Watch some “foozball” (as Bobby Boucher’s mother would say) on the tube

– Inebriate ourselves with beer and wine

– Engage in gluttonous activities (aka stuffing our faces with mac ‘n cheese, mashed potatoes, potato salad, etc.)

– Play PS2 (Madden ’08 and Fifa ’08)

– Play Cranium and avenge our previous Taboo loss (a day that will forever live in infamy – we lost by 1, yes, ONE friggin’ point)

– Pull an all-nighter and go out early (5am-ish) to catch some of the Black Friday deals

Well, for once, we actually did everything that we set out to do. We got to a few stores early to check out the deals that were going on. I didn’t plan on really getting anything except a surprise GPS system for my parents, but I happened to run into a few technological temptations that left me frothing at the mouth; salivating at the very thought of satiating my deep-rooted technological desires…

So, I ended up purchasing a 320gb hard drive and 2gb of RAM….And, to top that off, I got a great deal on both of them – so I had, what I will refer to, as a technological orgasm. A windows-based ejaculation. As soon as I found out about these deals and confirmed that they had enough in stock left for me to take advantage of them, I responded the only way I could: “giggity giggity”…just like Quagmire from Family Guy…I reached a hardware-driven climax..needless to say, I’ve already installed both of my purchases in my computer and am reaping the benefits of them right now as I jot down this blog…

I am realizing more and more that I am a poor man’s computer geek…it is becoming startlingly apparent…

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