The Double Heisman

The Double Heisman

For the first time ever in my life, I was given the double heisman by a female last night after a futile attempt at dancing with her. It was a surreal moment, almost like it happened in slow motion. I’ve been given the single arm heisman more than my fair share of times, but never the double, two-arm heisman. I came up behind the female, said a few words, and then started dancing with her (well, really me just grinding her) – to which she reacted to by placing both of her hands on my thighs (initially, I considered this a good sign) and pushing me away – and then giving the kind of disapproving look that only a mother can give a daughter after finding out she is pregnant. I drifted away from her like Jack from Rose on the Titanic. Immediately, I was encapsulated by the laughter of my friends, to which I could only respond (and defend myself) with an equally appropriate reaction: shrugging my shoulders and laughing with them while they were laughing at me.

On a side note, why is it so difficult sometimes to talk to women at bars/clubs or late-night establishments?? If you try to dance with them by coming up behind them and saving the small talk for later, they will give you that “what the flip is wrong with you??? you are TRESPASSING on my property” look. If you try to approach them as a gentleman and make simple, lucid conversation, they also refuse to give you the time of day. Like the great Fareed Abdullah (my homeboy) once said, “just because I want to talk to you doesn’t necessarily mean I want to HOLLA at you”. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little harmless friendly conversation. This is exactly why I love it when I meet females who are very friendly, down to earth, and aren’t afraid to engage themselves in simple conversation. It isn’t always about getting into someone else’s pants; sometimes, you just want to meet cool folks and have a good time – that’s all. Another thing that I noticed and have known for a long time, is that people in general here in the South are segregated and aren’t very keen to the idea of actually meeting people that are different then them. I mean, I know it sounds like a novel, idealistic concept, but how about trying that crazy idea out once in a while??

This is why I love traveling, especially to the north (NYC, Philly, etc). People there are just more liberal and open-minded about interaction with each other. In Atlanta, I pretty much feel brown all the damn time when I go out. But when I go out in other cities, I just feel like another person in the crowd trying to have a good time – not like I’m being differentiated by the crowd – like in the A. It seems like if I try to talk to a female of another ethnicity, they immediately see me as brown and then decide whether to give me the time of day. Believe me folks, that isn’t the easiest first impression to overcome. I understand, everyone has their premature opinions and prejudiced beliefs, but cmon, can’t people try to overlook that once in a while and try to get to know other folks?? I love the south, but sometimes, I grow extremely weary of it and its backward ways. People are just too damn segregated here for me – my non-Indian friends loathe Indian parties because they can’t even make simple conversation with another female there simply because they aren’t brown. That’s why living in another city can be so appealing to me sometimes – it shouldn’t be this difficult to meet different folks of different strokes – it just shouldn’t.

Well, that was my diatribe for the moment. …..Ahh, the double heisman…I guess there is a first time for everything…it was a TBS moment – very funny……

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