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Over the past few years, my interest in music has diminished to an all time personal low. I don’t know if it is the fact that I am getting old, out of touch, or just don’t know what the hell I am talking about anymore, but I just don’t listen to music as much as I used to and feel no need to. So, here I am, drifiting away into a monotone oblivion when I find something that has piqued my musical interest. Live365. Live365 has resurrected my interest in music. Live365 offers you thousands of different radio stations you can listen to. Most of these “radio stations” are not actual radio stations, they are mainly playlists from the computers of users who are streaming it online. Some of the playlists will loop around and you may hear the same songs twice, but most are very lengthy and let you listen to hours of whatever type of music without redundancy.

The downside is that you cannot forward or skip any of these songs to get to the next one and that every now and then you will hear an ad for the live365 website or some other sponsor they have. That is a small price to pay for musical freedom and versatility though. I can simply type in chill, and a long list of stations that are playing chill or ambient type music will pop up. I simply click to listen and I am ready to go. One side note though is that you may want to download winamp if you don’t already have it. When you go to listen, you will be prompted with a box that will either allow you to use the Live365 player (pretty shitty) or to open it with another software (winamp, mediaplayer, realplayer, etc.). I downloaded winamp and open it with that and I have had no problems.

This completely blows out of the water. It isn’t even close, maybe not even in the same zip code. (another streaming music player) offered similar options, but their actualy choices weren’t nearly as good and they would play music completely irrelevant to the genre you requested. Example: I typed in reggaeton as the genre of music I wanted to listen to and the 1st song that came up was from some Taiwanese boy band and that was followed by another Taiwanese artist. Come to think of it, I didn’t hear any reggaeton. I liked the concept of, but it always left me wanting more. Live365, in theory, is similar to, but in reality is a much more versatile and diverse music player. Live365 helps me pass the time at work when I am assigned to complete monotonous tasks. I am a fan and believer of Live365 (that is until the government probably comes around and shuts this website down for copyright infringement or some other B.S.)…..but until then, enjoy Live365….

click on the link below to access the live365 website
live365 website

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