Wastin’ Away in MoBay

Wastin’ Away in MoBay

Physically, I am back in the Good Ol’ U S of A, but my mind seems to have been on a different flight; one that seems to have been delayed a few days. My mind is stuck in Jamaica, lost amidst the beautiful beaches, relaxed people, and beat-thumping, speaker emanating reggae music. Why does traveling make it feel so damn good to leave your home and so damn bad to come back to it?? Similar to many trips that I have taken over the past few years, I had little expectations. I’m not one to hype up things or become over-anxious about anything, so prior to departing for MoBay, I was ready to experience everything fresh and anew.

Let’s first start off with the Jamaican people. The one thing that I grew to love about Jamaican people is their blunt honesty and relaxed demeanor. People say what they feel and are open about their culture and country. It is so refreshing to get away from the uptight society in which we live in here in the states and go to a country whose motto is “No Problem”. How great is that??? As far as the beaches, our beach in MoBay was nice, but the beaches of Negril were impeccable. The absolute best beach I’ve been to in my life. Wow. The water was so damn clear. It was the kind of water that had different hues and shades of blue.

In Negril, all the guys on the trip (5 of us), all jumped off a 65 ft cliff at Rick’s Cafe. As if one jump wasn’t thrilling enough, we did it again (a deal we made with a girl who said she wouldn’t jump unless we did it again). As far as the resort, it was a dream, a fantasy turned into reality. All drinks and food were included and they were not stingy in the least bit in how much food they gave you or how many drinks they gave you. It was amazing. I would be sitting down, and for no apparent reason, I would go get a drink – I almost didn’t feel right if at any moment while I was there I didn’t have a rum and coke in my hand. How could I not inebriate myself during every waking moment?? Everything was included and I made sure to take advantage of all that I could. They even had a burger and fries tiki hut which served food all day (until 1am in the evening). The best part was that they served grilled cheese too – me and my cousin (both of us vegetarians) were annihilating the grilled cheese sandwiches all weekend for two reasons: one, they were delicious as hell, and two, because there weren’t an abundance of options for vegetarians.

But that was ok, because I made up the difference in the scarcity of food with the drinks. I stayed away from the foo-foo drinks (as someone next to me referenced a daiquiri that I ordered for a friend of mine) and kept it rum and coke pretty much the entire weekend (that appleton estate rum isn’t so bad). Anyways, the trip came, we saw, we fell in love with Jamrock, and we arrived back in the states. I will go back, but not yet, not yet. I got many other places I have to go to for the first time before I return to Jamaica. Tokyo is still on the list (but damn those ticket prices, damn them all!!), Puerto Rico is still on the list, Eastern Europe, Australia, etc….but a place like Jamaica leaves you wanting more, leaves you wanting to return.

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