Lost Amidst the Controversy

Lost Amidst the Controversy

Lost amidst all the controversy about Don Imus’ comments are the fact that he referred to a group of young women as “hoes”. I think there has been more controversy and anger raised by his “nappy headed” comments, which clearly had racially detrimental consequences. He says he isn’t a racist and is a good person – but how he can call an entire group of young women “nappy headed HOES” and “hardcore HOES”. Key word: HOES. It’s funny how everyone can gravitate towards whatever they feel most offended by – i.e. African-Americans feeling racially offended by his “nappy headed” comments. Women across the nation should be irate that a man referred to a group of young women of which he knows nothing about as hoes. I know that he may have used it in a different context or by him saying hoes, he simply means women – but lets be real, there is absolutely NO excuse for a grown man in a public forum to refer to a group of college-aged women as hoes. I mean, if they had done a massive gangbang porn or Girls Gone Wild video, then maybe I could understand, but that wasn’t the case. Is he a racist? I have no idea. That may be a judgment call that everyone has to make – I mean, his comments can be construed and misconstrued in whatever way each of us feel. But, his comments about the women being hoes are blatantly offensive – regardless of which angle you wish to view them.

I don’t even want to get started with Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson….ah, too late, I’m already heated about them. Aren’t they servants of the Lord?? Why do they have to intervene into any issue or event that relates in the least to race?? Why?? Instead of quelling the fire and forgiving, they intensify the flame and ignite the ignorant minds of those who only see things in black and white. Shouldn’t they side with religion rather than race?? Why do they only show up at the defense of African-Americans?? No offense, but the Lord doesn’t say only help those that are disenfranchised, poor, defenseless AND African-American. They should help everyone in need and not only those of their ethnic community. When did the Lord promote segregation?? They seem to paint everyone with a narrow-minded brush. They condemned the Duke Lacrosse team before they were even proven to be guilty. Why? Because the so-called victim was black. Never once did either of them apologize after the lacrosse team was found to be innocent. Where was their forgiveness then?? Somewhere, the Lord has to be wondering why there are so many followers of these two men. How did we as people become so oblivious and ignorant to the truth that we follow those who practice so little of what they preach??? Anyways, I digress, now I have to get back to Don Imus.

I think that in any perspective or viewpoint, Don Imus is an absolute idiot and I hate the fact that a man of his limited racial awareness has his own show. He can apologize a million times for what he said, but honestly, who will believe him?? He doesn’t even deserve to be forgiven. Aren’t people supposed to get wiser as they get older??? I hate gravitating towards any sort of conversation involving race, because it seems that at the end of the day, some people will choose race as the common denominator in everything – and I hate that often other major issues are left unscathed because of that. All I know is that for as much heat as he is receiving from the African-American community, he should receive just as much for his deplorable comments about the Rutgers women basketball team. As far as him being fired and all, that is a tough call for me. I’m not as sensitive as others and believe that people do have the right to free speech – regardless of how stupid or inane their comments can be sometimes. I think the suspension was a good start (but with pay?? cmon, you gotta be kidding me). Anyways, I just hope that Imus doesn’t just get off the hook so easily with his racially motivated comments. I hope that people can also realize that his chauvinistic, small-minded comments were equally as offensive and degrading.

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