MoBay Baby!

MoBay Baby!

Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort we will be staying at

Engrave it in stone, print it in the papers, it is official. Me, the Hamster, the Gorilla, and Sunshine are headed to Montego Bay, Jamaica. We have made our payments and will be staying at an all-inclusive Holiday Inn resort on the beach. When I say all-inclusive, I mean food, drinks, and room – the whole shebang and then some. Good lawd, good lawd. Beautiful women, beautiful beaches, unlimited food, and enough unlimited booze to inebriate even the most stone cold of drunks (which I am not). We will be leaving the 17th of May (Thursday) and arriving back in the A on the 21st (Monday). Previous trips I’ve taken have been about getting the best spring break type atmosphere or going to where it is the most “poppin”. But no, not this time. I’m all about going there, relaxing, meeting some cool folks, and throwing in some irresponsible and recreational behavior every now and then. Should be good – no I mean aight, cuz anyone who knows me knows how I hate to hype up stuff. I’d rather have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised than to have high expectations and be unpleasantly disappointed. MoBay it is.

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