False Sense Of Security

False Sense Of Security

Security – the quality or state of being secure: as

a: freedom from danger
: freedom from fear or anxiety

One of the most important things that a person can have and feel is a sense of security. A feeling of “things are going to be all right”. I think that the pursuit of happiness goes hand in hand with a comforting sense of security. If you won the lottery but felt as though the world was trying to rip you apart from your money, how happy would you be??? I believe that a true, genuine sense of security is developed from within. I think that the problem that a large majority of us have is that we are deluded into believing that our happiness lies in another person and that our sense of security is only developed then. We only feel safe and secure when we know that we are being cared for and loved. There is much truth to this and much sense in this philosophy. The problem arises when we have a diluted, false sense of security. Many times, we hold on to something that isn’t right or isn’t good for us, simply because it gives us a FALSE sense of security. At the time, you are too self-involved and too emotionally attached to that particular thing to honestly evaluate the decisions you have made. You believe that what you have is everything you have ever wanted, while secretly knowing in the depths of your mind and in the core of your soul that all you have is not all you want.

I believe this particularly applies to those in detrimental relationships which they cannot let go of. If you are in a position with another person who you KNOW is not right for you, why would you stay in the situation??? It is funny how we know deep down that what we are doing is wrong and that we are lying to ourselves, but it feels right at the moment and we continue on. We are petrified of being on our own or losing that sense of security that has held you together for the duration of your relationship. When you are experiencing these emotions, you are also experiencing a false sense of security. It is that gnawing feeling at the deepest crevices of your heart and at the farthest corners of your mind. I am in no way immune to this false sense of security. Truth be told, I have felt this very same false sense of security before. I do not know what it is inside of us that compels us to predicate our sense of security on another person. If you know something is wrong, isn’t that enough for you to make the right decision??? If only it was that simple, if only. If you are in a relationship where you have little trust and faith in your significant other, DO NOT be fooled. If you believe you are going to marry your significant other after years of a committed relationship, yet that other person has given you ZERO signs of wanting to eventually make you their life partner, DO NOT be fooled. You are holding on to a sense of security that DOES NOT EXIST. You are believing in that which does not exist, you are experiencing a facade of emotions, feelings, and security.

We are so afraid of losing that sense of security that we become delusional and believe that that which is false is now suddenly true. It is ok to go through this, but it is not ok to never realize the truth. To be an ignorant dumbass is much worse than to be a dumbass. If you know the truth and see the truth, yet choose to ignore it, how delusional have you become?? We all experience these very same emotions, but we must be very careful to prevent ourselves from developing a false sense of security. The minute we develop this, we are prone to irrational decisions and irrelevant actions.

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