Eradicating Indifference

Eradicating Indifference

How can one approach the issue of indifference??? Do you accept it and deal with it accordingly or do you come in with guns blazing and a “take no prisoners” mentality and try to eliminate it??? As with anything and everything in this grand universe, all things are relative and depend on the situation. It sounds simple, but how can you make a person who doesn’t care, care?

My brother. He is as indifferent as a deer caught in headlights about to get his brain crushed in by an oncoming 18-wheeler. It’s as if he just doesn’t care about much. I know that I am nitpicking – I know that I am. He is a truly exceptional person who is very unselfish, very caring, and for all the right reasons petrified of doing the wrong thing. He is very much the ideal son and brother – he listens and knows between right and wrong. The only problem is that he is so indifferent to so many things. His personality is very lacking and he lacks motivation. He has no idea as to where he wants to be in life or the things he wants to do. That is not a huge problem because he is only 14 (15 in May), but I feel he just does things because I tell him to or because my parents tell him to. He HAS TO become ACCOUNTABLE for things. He has to become RESPONSIBLE and MATURE. When I have this kind of conversation with him, he blankly stares at me and has very little to say. He doesn’t respond at all. It is very frustrating to pour your heart out and to pontificate on all that is going on in your head and to have it responded to by conspicuous silence.

Growing up, me and my sister became independent individuals very young – heck, we’ve been working since we were both 16 and paying for a majority of our expenses since then. We have always been motivated to squeeze out every ounce of potential we have in our beings. I have always wanted to do something great and I have always worked hard to get to a point where I have put myself in the position to be great. My brother just does not have that fire in his eyes. He doesn’t have the inferno of pride, fear, and motivation smoldering inside of him. He is the type of person who if you are to beat him in a one-on-one basketball game, he will fold like a quesadilla. If you degrade him or challenge him mentally or physically, he will shy away from the challenge. I need him to mature, to become more responsible. We live in a home where you cannot live in a bubble, you cannot be shy or timid, you CANNOT be irresponsible and immature. He has to realize that. Our domestic lives are not for the faint of heart. In many ways, he is ahead of me in terms of the person he is. He is a much better listener and much more obedient than I ever was – but he just lacks motivation. He can be something GREAT – I know it. The kid is smart, he just doesn’t always try that hard. He doesn’t think past this present moment. He doesn’t understand that everything he does now influences and shapes what he does 1 year from now, 3 years, etc. I know that maybe I shouldn’t push him as much as I do – but I won’t, I CAN’T stop. I want him to be exceedingly exceptional and I will settle for nothing less than that. I know that he probably won’t achieve the standards I have set for him, but for me to lower my standards for him would mean that he would achieve probably even lower standards then. I have set the bar high and all I need for him to do is to jump up and reach it. The problem I have with him is having him jump.

He doesn’t have the motivation to yet jump. I never understood this about certain people. If someone proposes a set of things or a path you must follow in order to achieve everything you have ever dreamt of and wanted, why wouldn’t you follow that path??? I tell my brother all the time the things he needs to do in order to be successful, but he doesn’t always listen. If I had someone back in the days telling me what I needed to do and how to do it in order to get where I wanted to get, I would have been listening with open ears, an absorbing mind, and a willing heart. I know that I’m sounding like a parent, and to be honest, I’m starting to feel like one too, but these are some of the thoughts that weigh on my mind. Anyways, I will keep keepin on, trying to eradicate this indifference that has plagued my brother his entire life. Something has got to give eventually, I just hope that it will be his indifference.

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