The Stan Countries

The Stan Countries

Me and few colleagues of mine were recently wondering how many countries there actually are that end in Stan. So, I went to wikipedia and looked it up. Here is a list of them, most are colloquial names (like Hindustan for India) and some actually are the real names for the countries. The actual stan suffix originates from a persian word meaning “place of”. Go figure. FYI.

* Afghanistan
* Arabestan (Persian for Arabia)
* Armanestan (Persian name for Armenia)
* Bulgaristan / Bul?aristan (Persian and Turkish / Crimean Tatar name for Bulgaria; often used for Volga Bulgaria)
* Chinastan (Armenian for China)
* Frenkistan (one of the Crimean Tatar names for France)
* Habe?istan (Turkish and Crimean Tatar name for Ethiopia)
* Ermenistan (Turkish and Crimean Tatar name for Armenia)
* Englistan (Persian name for England)
* Hayastán (Armenian name for Armenia)
* Hindustan (India)
* Hayastan (Armenia)
* H?rvatistan (Persian, Turkish and Crimean Tatar name for Croatia)
* Hunastan (Armenian name for Greece)
* Gurjistan / Gürcüstan / Gürcistan (Persian / Turkish / Crimean Tatar name for Georgia)
* Kazakhstan
* Khalistan
* Kyrgyzstan
* Lehastan (Armenian and Persian for Poland)
* Lehistan (an archaic name for Poland, used mostly by Ottoman officials and one of modern Crimean Tatar names)
* Macaristan (Turkish and Crimean Tatar name for Hungary, in Persian Majarestan)
* Mo?olistan (Turkish and Crimean Tatar name for Mongolia)
* Pakistan (Persian for “Land of the Pure”; also an acronym for the Muslim regions of India; solely based on the Indus river or the Indus Valley)
* Parsqastan (Armenian name for Iran)
* Rusastan (Armenian name for Russia)
* S?rbistan (Persian and Turkish name for Serbia)
* Tajikistan
* Turkmenistan
* Uzbekistan
* Vrastan (Armenian name for Georgia)
* Yunanistan (Turkish and Crimean Tatar name for Greece)

I know this list might read more like a list of known terrorist countries or terrorists themselves on 24, but I assure you it is not. I never knew there were this many Stan countries. Crazy.

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