Excellence Unnoticed

Excellence Unnoticed

We are all witnesses….not to Lebron, not to D-Wade, not to Tiger – but to the most exceptional and dominating athlete of our time: Roger Federer. The Swiss assassin is unbeatable – literally. In his last tournament, the Australian Open, he failed to lose a single set – A SINGLE SET. He won every single set and breezed to the title – his 10th overall grand slam title. Here are just some of his accolades:

– Reached the finals in 7 consecutive grand slam tournaments
– Has won 10 of the last 15 grand slam tournaments
– Has won 6 of last 7 grand slam tournaments
– Has won 30, count ’em, 30 consecutive sets
– Has won 36 consecutive matches
– Since losing to Nadal is last year’s French Open final, he is 55-1

Do I even need to continue with this article after writing that??? He is an absolute force on the tennis court – the likes of which we have never seen before in our time. He is better than Pete Sampras because he is an all around player that can win and has won on any surface. He can serve and volley or play you from the baseline. He can throw in an ace or two whenever he feels necessary and he can completely take over and suffocate the hope and confidence out of an opponent. What is truly even more remarkable about Federer is that he doesn’t take tournaments off. He pretty much wins any and every tournament he is playing – he never takes an opponent or tournament lightly. He has that killer instinct that all the great competitors have – except he plays with that every single point of every single game of every single match in every single tournament. I have never seen an athlete win so convincingly and so easily. Tiger Woods comes to mind in terms of sheer will and determination, but he is really only playing against himself – no one else can dictate how he will finish a tournament. We are witnessing history in watching Roger Federer – and I don’t even think we know it. I guess that because he isn’t American or isn’t charismatic, he gets lost in the shuffle of all the other polarizing figures we have in sports (T.O., Andy Roddick, Peyton Manning, etc.).

Whenever Federer steps on the court, everyone KNOWS he is going to win. I mean, his opponent does not even stand a chance. Lets take Andy Roddick for example. He was supposed to be the arch rival and nemesis of Roger Federer – he was America’s hope at a resurgence of American tennis players. But in order to be a rival of an opponent, you CANNOT get thoroughly marinated, grilled, and lambasted by an opponent time and time again. Federer once again proved that he is Andy Roddick’s daddy this past Australian Open by demolishing Roddick, by crushing him. It wasn’t even close – you could’ve spotted Roddick two sets and match point and he still wouldn’t have won – that is how intimidating and dominating Federer is.

We are watching sports history and excellence right before our very eyes in the form of Roger Federer who is in the prime of his career and is showing no signs of slowing down or letting up. Talk about putting the foot on an opponent’s throat while he is down, Federer tortures and pillages the minds of his opponents with his tenacious abilities and domination. If Nadal wasn’t around, I really believe that Federer could finish a season undefeated and easily breeze to a Grand Slam title. Even with Nadal, who can stop him??? He is a machine, a Swiss android programmed to intimidate, overwhelm, and humiliate his opponents – all the while looking as relaxed as someone on the beaches of Mexico sipping on a Mojito. He is the absolute, unequivocal truth and I just hope that more people here in the states and across the globe finally recognize him. I know Bill Parcells wasn’t ready to get the anointing oil out just yet for Tony Romo, but I’m gonna go ahead and get a whole case of anointing oil ready for Federer – because when all is said and done, he will be the greatest player in all of tennis history and I can say that I witnessed excellence and greatness, albeit seemingly unnoticed by the rest of the world.

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