Farewell to the Illadelph

Farewell to the Illadelph

Allen Iverson has been liberated from Illadelphia purgatory. The imminent has finally come to fruition and one of the more tumultuous marriages between a star athlete and a city has ended. As a sports fan, how can I picture Allen Iverson not wearing a 76ers jersey??? I had a feeling he would be traded one day, but just didn’t think it would happen. Now we have probably the single most intriguing storyline of the NBA season: How will A.I. fare in Denver??? He has said all along that all he wants is to be an NBA champion, to achieve the ultimate goal in all of sports.

“How are you going to motivate me? I just want to win man. I’ve been in the league six years, I have no title and a bunch of individual awards that don’t mean nothing. Scoring titles, all-star games, that don’t mean nothing. Yeah, I can tell my son that I was an all-star back in such-an-such but I never won a championship. That’s all I care about. I have no selfish bone in my body. I’ve been first team all-NBA…all that means is that you are one of the five best players in the world. All I want to do is win.” – Allen Iverson

For those interested, here is his farewell-to-the-Illadelph interview with Stephen A. Smith:

Now, A.I. has a chance to prove all his naysayers wrong. He finally has another superstar to share the load with and a competent center to defend and protect the lane. He also has a top-tier coach in George Karl. The odyssey of the most enigmatic player to ever come into the league continues in Denver. I, like many other fans, want Iverson to win a title. There has never been a player that has been as scrutinized and analyzed as The Answer. He gave his heart and soul to the city of Philadelphia and to the fans of the NBA. He deserves to win a title and he now has that chance on a talented playoff team in the Denver Nuggets.

Philadelphia did about as good of a job as they possibly could have in landing Andre Miller and two 1st round picks. They will have two 1st round picks in next years draft (one of the deeper drafts in recent memory – remember, first draft after the new age rule). If they finish out of the playoffs, which they will, then they will have three first round picks.

How about Carmelo and his sucker-punch?? I mean, what happened to all that I’m-hood-and-keepin’-it-real talk and chest thumping??? How can you sucker punch a grown ass man and then run??? I mean, he ran like a nun from a strip club. I don’t know how the dynamic will work with A.I. and Melo, but we shall see if this will work. I don’t know if they will be able to contend with the Spurs, Suns, and Mavericks – but they will be the most intriguing team to watch in the league with two 30-point scorers in their starting lineup.

I can’t imagine the 76ers without A.I. and vice versa, but all good things come to an end and never is that more apparent than in the world of sports. Few and scarce are those athletes and moments that stay polarized in our heads. Allen Iverson has given us many of those transcending moments on the court and has grown up with us. He has become a man throughout his struggles and throughout the controversy. I bid adieu to the moments that have been smoldered in our minds of Allen Iverson as 76er. Thank you Allen Iverson for entertaining us NBA fans with your grit, determination, will, and spectacular talent. Hopefully, he can continue to take his game to a higher level and finally achieve the ultimate goal that he so desperately has been seeking.

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