The Weekend In Review

The Weekend In Review

Denzel Washington is starring in a new movie that is coming out soon called “Deja Vu”, where basically, the same things seem to happen to all the time – everything seems eerily familiar. Falcons’ fans, does that ring a bell??? Michael Vick in his own words after the Detroit loss said that the same collapse as last year would not happen again this year. He denied any correlation between last year’s Green Bay loss at home and this year’s loss against Detroit. Well, sorry to say Mike, but this season is starting to eerily resemble last year’s.

There is no excuse for losing to two of the doormats of the NFL in consecutive weeks, and especially not one of those at home. It is maddening how inconsistent the Falcons are. Just watch, they will go out and dominate the Ravens. They just aren’t consistent, and because of that, they are not a good football team right now. Do they have the talent to overcome this? No question. But how can you say the Falcons are a good football team right now and they lost consecutive games to the Lions and Browns?? I don’t know what to say about the coaching staff. They have come out flat time and time again against inferior opponents the last two years. They have made bad play calls and have lost to lesser teams. Why are the Falcons throwing the ball on 4th and 1 with the league’s top rushing offense??? If a team comes out flat, that is the coaches’ fault. Simple as that. Although it seems like it and feels like it, THE SEASON IS NOT LOST. The Falcons have a long way to go and can still turn the season around. The last thing the team needs is for all the fans to start overreacting and be pessimistic. No NFL team is immune to second-guessing and adversity, but the good teams overcome that and the bad teams do not. Simple as that. We will see which team the Falcons are in the final 7 games.

How about those Yellow Jackets??? They secured their place in the ACC championship game. They barely beat the Tar Heels (can they possibly win the ACC with Reggie Ball at QB???) and they NEED to beat the Bulldogs in two weeks. How great is the Tech defense? They are carrying this team. Reggie Ball’s QB play has been horrendous at times. If they can win the ACC and beat Georgia and go to the BCS with Reggie at QB, then maybe, just maybe, Chan Gailey (I can’t believe I am saying this) should be considered for coach of the year. Still though, I don’t know what this great season means if they lose to Georgia. How about them ‘Dawgs??? They killed Auburn, finally getting their first big win of the season. Stafford finally showed some promise and the Bulldog defense finally stood up and showed itself.

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