Democrat or Republican???

Democrat or Republican???

Which am I? Democrat or Republican??? That was the question I posed to myself this past weekend, trying to determine which one I am. I did not vote this past Tuesday because, truth be told, I just didn’t research enough of the candidates to make an educated and intelligent choice. I didn’t want to waste my vote and just vote for whoever, so I thought the more important issue was to determine if I was a democrat or republican for the next election. I have never labeled myself as either, trying to distance myself as far as hell away from politics as I could. I have always been a sports guy, things make sense to me in sports. Matters are settled on the field and you can clearly see a team for what they are on any given Sunday. With politics, everything is propaganda and posturing – you never really I know what is the truth, all you have is your opinion and a well-thought out assumption.

So, back to the matter at hand, democrat vs republican?? liberal vs conservative??? How can I possibly make this determination??? If anything, I am a liberal conservative. I have liberal views on certain conservative topics. I can be liberal about certain things, yet very conservative about others. I am in the middle, void of any clear cut characteristics that will steer me towards one party or another. As far as gay marriages and stuff like that, I don’t really mind it that much, I guess. I mean, I don’t agree with homosexuality, but you know what, if they wanna be together and do their thing and get married, then let them. Let them get the tax breaks the rest of us get for getting married. People play the morality card with homosexuality, using that as justification for not allowing gay marriages, but where are those same people campaigning and shouting for the prohibition of alcohol? Isn’t the consumption of alcohol immoral?? I know, there is a difference between the two, but who has the right to make that distinction?? As far as abortion, I am up in the air about that, some of me says that abortion is wrong and everyone should suffer the consequences of their actions, but then a part of me believes that some people make mistakes, and they should be allowed the opportunity to alleviate their situations in whatever way possible (i.e. abortion).

What about immigration??? I have to say I am biased about that, being the son of immigrants. So, I think it is ok to let folks come to this country for a better life, because if not for that, I wouldn’t be here. I agree with some of the democratic and republican principles and disagree with some also. I just find it crazy that people are so vehemently either that their vote is completely influenced by that. What if you are a die-hard republican and you clearly know that the democrat candidate is clearly a better choice? Most people will vote republican in that case….regardless. That doesn’t make sense to me. Politics is about loyalty and tradition. A majority of people vote based solely on those two things. Why does it matter so much if the democrats or republicans have majority in the house?? It shouldn’t matter, democrats and republicans should be able to get along with one another and not make decisions just to spite the other political party. There should be NO personal agenda, just doing whatever is best for this country. This whole party system is all about allegiance and popularity.

I know I am speaking idealistically, but these are thoughts in my head. In the future, I will vote according to whose principles and ideas I agree with the most and whose I feel is the best for the leadership of this country. In 04′, I strictly voted for Kerry on the merit that he is not George W. Bush. I even wrote-in my name a few times for votes, because I really didn’t give a damn. I was an ignorant voter who felt better about the “I Voted” peach sticker that I received than the actual vote I casted. That won’t happen again.

I don’t give a damn if a candidate is democrat or republican, I will vote whoever I feel is the best. It is funny how in a land so proud of equality, that all things are not equal. People are already biased in their voting before they even head out to the polls, before they even consider researching the other candidates. So, to be completely honest and to solve absolutely nothing, I am neither.

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  1. i find this opinion of yours (or whatever you wish to call it) highly uneducated because of your excessive use of curse words…

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