Aspirations and Circumstances

Aspirations and Circumstances

Aspirations and Circumstances. That is the moral, situational conundrum that faces every living being. We are always trying to appease someone, whether that be ourselves, family, or God. How can we possibly make the right decision??? How can we choose our own personal ambitions over other responsibilities we have?? How do you decide to pursue your own goals when you have others depending on you, when you are responsible for the welfare of close relatives and/or friends?? Life is cluttered with sacrifices, most of which we are unwilling to make. What are you willing to sacrifice to do what you want to do? Can you live with the consequences of your decision?? Your circumstances will ALWAYS dictate your decisions, whether you like it or not. If you have a family, then quitting your job and pursuing your dream is made infinitely tougher because of the people in your immediate life who are depending on you. Needless to say, your decision will hurt others; it will NOT please everyone – and honestly, nothing ever will.

Aspirations and Circumstances. The world beckons with the promise of new experiences, relationships, and opportunities. Yet, your circumstances dictate whether you can go out there and expand your own intellectual horizons. There is the very real possibility that your aspirations are not protected by financial security. The question that can fester in the depths of your mind and eat at your conscience is this: Live the dream and risk financial security or continue dreaming??? How can one possibly make this decision without putting any mental and even physical strain on oneself?? This decision isn’t like love; you don’t just know when you know – you may not know if you have made the right decision or not until months, years later. Even then, you may not be sure. There is no guarantee in life, and the odds are stacked even higher against you depending on your circumstances.

Aspirations and Circumstances. Circumstances are what have shaped you into the person you are to this very day. They have molded your characteristics, sculpted your personality, and developed your morals and values. You are exactly who you are because of the circumstances under which you have lived your entire life. You are the caring son because you have supported your immigrant mother during college; you are the bitter, angry young man because you have been subjected to domestic abuse. Regardless of what your circumstances are, you are who you are because of them. That is why it is so much harder to ignore the circumstances in which we have grown up, in which we have come to know the world. When you sacrifice your circumstances for your aspirations, you are pushing aside a part of you that has always made sense, a part of you that you have seamlessly known and integrated into your life. You are sacrificing a known, accepted part of yourself to pursue something unknown – to possibly become someone, or to do something, of which you have little knowledge of.

Aspirations and Circumstances. When you are pursuing your aspirations, you are at the mercy of the consequences of your decision. Either you can continue enhancing the lives of others, or you can finally begin to enhance your own life. You can finally make the decision that most benefits you, but can you live with the consequences of that decision??? Can you possibly decide between aspirations and circumstances???

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