The Weekend in Review

The Weekend in Review

Today is the aftermath of a 2nd half domination by the New York “We don’t even know when we’ll show up and play good football” Giants. Going into this game, I felt it was a great matchup between two inconsistent, talented teams who have yet to hit their stride. The 1st half was to say the least sloppy, but the Falcons did end the 1st half with a good drive and scored a touchdown. The 2nd half was all Giants after Warrick Dunn’s 90 yard touchdown run. Why was Atlanta so flat this game? What was wrong with the Falcons? Well, first off, the pass rush dissapeared in the 2nd half, and a lot of that had to do with the notable 2nd half absences of Rod Coleman, Patrick Kerney, and John Abraham, they weren’t on the field much in the 2nd half, so that has to mean they were dinged up – not a good sign heading into a colossal showdown with the Steelers next Sunday. The 2nd thing was that Vick was sacked 7 times!!! I won’t say it was all of the offensive line’s fault, but Vick was getting hammered. I have said it before and will say it again: Vick has to get rid of the ball quicker. It reminds me of Culpepper in Miami. When Culpepper was in there, they blamed his offensive line for the absurd amount of times he was getting sacked, but as soon as Harrington took over for him, the sacks have went down. Why? Because he gets the ball out quickly and is more decisive than Culpepper was. When will it be time to give up on the wide receivers of the Falcons??? They just aren’t making plays. In this offense, the receivers have to make plays when called upon.

All the Michael Vick critics that say he can’t throw need to actually watch an entire game. He isn’t the most accurate passer, but he can be an efficient passer. Stop clamoring for Vick’s replacement. He is the quarterback of today and tomorrow. There WILL NOT be a quarterback change, so stop focusing on that. Vick is our best chance of winning and if we are to go all the way to the Super Bowl this season or any season in the future, it will be with him as our quarterback, be it for good or bad. That is the reality. There are bigger problems than his inconsistent play. The receivers haven’t helped him out at all this year – I mean, he would’ve completed at least 60% of his passes if not for the multiple drops by the receivers. If Roddy White comes down with that ball in the 1st quarter (which was slighly behind him, but absolutely catchable) and Michael Jenkins catches the deep ball Vick delivered to him perfectly, then that is 2 TD’s right there, which coincidentally, was the difference in the final score. They got ran all over and the Giants made all the big plays when it counted. Hats off to them, they were the better team on Sunday and made all the plays when it counted.

I have to say that I somewhat reveled in, mildly enjoyed the Georgia Bulldog’s demise at homecoming against perennial SEC doormat Vanderbilt. The Bulldog Nation can be very obnoxious at times and they seem to think that their shit don’t stink, so it was good to see them brought back to reality, to see them wallowing in their own shattered expectations and unrealistic pipe dreams. But I have to admit, it was tough to watch that performance saturday, it was a tough loss to swallow. That offense is horrible and that defense is overrated. They are still a good football team, but playing the way they have been all season, they were bound to lose to a lesser team sooner or later.

How ’bout those Detroit Tigers? The motown miracle team! They look like a team of destiny. It seems like no matter who faces them, they are bound to be dominated and overwhelmed by the Tigers. They are the real deal and are looking unbeatable right now (just ask the A’s who got swept by them). I mean, they have a old-school coach with a bunch of good players. Like he said, before the season they were a team with some good players, but not a good team, but now they are a good team. Much love to the Tigers and all their accomplishments this year. Read this:…

That is a great article about Jim Leyland and exactly why he is an old-school, hard ass successful coach.

On a side note, NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, go to Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro in Atlantic Station. It was a horrible experience for me and my friends. It took us forever to get our food, it wasn’t good, and that shit was ghetto fabulous as hell. The food was overpriced and the service was nearly non-existent. I wanted to order pizza, and they told me that they didn’t have any more pizzas….what!!?!?!?? I mean, pizzas were on the menu, it was just that they didn’t have it or something. Our waitress had a list of things that they were out of for the night, so she then checked her list and said, “Yeah, pizza is on the list of things we don’t have”. Talk about bootleg….I mean, instead of being offered desert at the end of the meal, we were given flyers for a party hosted by Jim Jones next weekend…by a waiter. That is some ghetto ass shit man, but it was hilarious though, hilarious as hell….

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