Jumpin’ The Gun

Jumpin’ The Gun

What is up with the sports media and fans jumpin’ the gun on every single issue??? There is an article out on ESPN by Scoop Jackson talking about which McNabb we will see: the one from the first 5 games or the one from the game on Sunday: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=jackson/061016

Are you kidding me??? Players have bad games. Period. Players have bad halves, bad quarters, bad stretches of games (i.e. Ben Roethlisberger). These things just happen. The media and especially the fans have to be more realistic with their expectations. The fans in Atlanta here call for Michael Vick’s head after every game, win or loss. They overanalyze anything and everything. Don’t fans have a life??? Let it go. Losses happen, bad games happen, ass whoopings happen over the course of a season. How can anybody possibly criticize McNabb??? He is the best quarterback in the NFL this year, and that should go without any argument from anyone. As of right now, he is the best quarterback in the NFL. Scoop goes on to say that we’ll see which McNabb we’ll see the rest of the season, and if they will revert back to the struggling team of last season. That won’t happen. McNabb is the real deal and it infinitely pains me that people still question Donovan McNabb. Over the last 5 years, McNabb is in the top 3 of quarterbacks in this league. He is right behind Manning and Brady over the last 5 years. How can people even say that he has something to prove or that he still isn’t a top 3 quarterback??? He has been great for a long time and I don’t think he’s ever gotten the respect he deserves. Even before T.O., he was lighting up DBs and secondaries. The man is a beast and has smoothly transitioned his game from an efficient mixture of running and passing to a lethal combination of passing accuracy and efficiency. McNabb can carry a team, and there are few QBs out there who can do the same thing. Who has done more with less over the last 5 years???? McNabb will sustain this level of excellence throughout the year. He is a grizzled, intelligent veteran who gives his team a chance to win any given Sunday.

The media just loves to criticize and overanalyze. You have to give players, give teams time. It is way too early in the NFL season to analyze any teams yet. You have to wait at least until midseason to make that call on how good a team is. Take the Falcons for example. In their next two games, they have Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Then a few games later, they have the Baltimore Ravens. After those stretch of games, we will know how good they are. It is ok to criticize a team’s effort and its outcomes, but you have to be realistic and put things in perspective. The main goal is to reach the playoffs, and once you are there, you have a chance to be special. The media and fans will jump down the throats of all their players and coaches forgetting that these are professional players and coaches. Their life is the game that they are involved in. They are experts, they are the best at what they do. It is easy to criticize, and it makes for great radio and TV, but we have to put things in perspective and give credit where it is due. We have to be patient and not let a bad game or a bad quarter or whatever skew what we know to be true.

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