The New York Braves

The New York Braves

There was a time, a time not too distant, when the Yankees were piling up World Series titles after titles after titles. They were a force; couldn’t be stopped. On the way to all these titles, they had the smug arrogance to belittle the other competitors in baseball. Particularly the Atlanta Braves, whom them dubbed “the team that plays for division titles”. Yankees fans claimed they were only satisfied with world championships, and anything less than that would be a disappointment. They were also quick to point out that they came up huge at the biggest moments and did not shrink from adversity, calling the Braves choke-artists. Oh, how the tables have turned. Now the Yankees fans find themselves on the short end of the playoffs for the 6th consecutive year. First round exits in the last two years. They now find themselves rationalizing their playoff ineptitude by saying that “at least we made the playoffs”. I thought that they only played for championships and that division titles meant nothing???

Another argument is that the payroll means nothing….ummm, whoever said that has to, listen to me – you have to, lay down the crack pipe and take the joint away from your mouth long enough to rethink that thought. The MAIN reason they do compete is because they have the highest payroll. They would not even be in a position to now be satisfied with making the playoffs if they didn’t have the talent to get there. The payroll has gotten them to the playoffs, but it hasn’t been enough to give them another world title. You can’t buy championships, and the Yankees have proved that. You have to have pitching; you can’t just hit yourself to a title. And overpaying for washed-up pitchers is not what I mean by having pitching. The Yankees’ fans are eating crow, are looking like colossal hypocrites as they find themselves vulnerable to all Yankees’ haters and critics from around the country. Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman as two of the top executives over the past few years? I don’t think so. They need to be more heavily scrutinized and the facts have to be shown and accepted. They have done a horrendous job putting this team together. They have built a team that excels in the regular season, but sputters in the postseason. If you are a Yankees fan, that is unacceptable. The Yankees’ fans and organization have brought this upon themselves with their arrogance and over-confidence.

Yankees’ fans just won’t admit they were wrong and that perception has become reality and the truth has now been an inevitable pill that they must swallow. Other teams no longer fear them and they are no longer capable of intimidating. Yankees’ fans finally realize that they cannot win the world title every year and that their expectations are unreal. There is nothing wrong with that, but just be sure to not insult another team and their fans before you open your mouth. Don’t go running your mouth saying that we Braves’ fans are content with division titles, when you find yourself suddenly under the scrutiny of every baseball expert and/or fan in the country. Don’t backtrack and remove yourself from any arrogant or ill-conceived statements you have made over the last decade. Simply acknowledge the truth and the facts – and then I will let you off the hook. Swallow that Bronx pride and admit that you are in the very position that you loathe, the very mindset that you claimed you were immune to. I’m not saying that the Yankees aren’t a great organization, I am not saying that they have no class and that they suck. I know the history, the 26 championships and everything, I know that. I respect that, admire it, and do not belittle any of those accomplishments. But note to Yankees’ fans: Admit your mistakes and move on.

Truth be told, the last 6 years have been embarrassing and disappointing, at least in the words of the Yankees’ fans. I mean, if the Yankees play and they don’t win a world title, did the season even exist? If you’re a Yankees fan, then the answer would be no, wouldn’t it be? And just like how the Braves’ fans have been gradually clamoring for Bobby Cox’s exit, so have Yankees’ fans been calling for Joe Torre’s head. Are there two better managers in the major leagues than those two? And yet they find themselves on the proverbial hot seat. Let me say one thing though, the Yankees did not lose the ALDS this year, the Tigers won it. They were the better team. They had better pitching, better hitting (timely and clutch), and a better bullpen. And yes, by the way, the Yankees were dominated in every single category during their four game demise in the ALDS. The Yankees are bound to be a perennial playoff contender, but WILL NOT win a world title anytime soon. They need to realize this, put down their ignorant, arrogant, idealistic expectations for their teams and face reality: The New York Yankees are the new Atlanta Braves – The New York Braves.

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