The Weekend in Review

The Weekend in Review

“I’m a ramblin wreck from Georgia Tech and a helluva engineer”… ’bout them Yellow Jackets? Not only did they beat Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, but they destroyed them. The score didn’t even tell half the story. ABC even put up one stat that said someting like Virginia Tech hadn’t allowed a 1st quarter touchdwon in the past 10 home games or something like that, and then Tech proceeded to put up 3 touchdowns in the 1st quarter, 3 touchdowns!! Is it too early to start the Calvin Johnson for Hesiman campaign (6 catches, 115 yards, 2 TDs with a long play of 53 yards on Saturday)? On 2nd thought, no it’s not. #21 for Heisman! Invite this beast-of-a-collegiate player to New York for the ceremony at the very least. I know, I know, he more than likely won’t win and Georgia Tech would have to play above their heads and expectations the entire season and probably have to reach a BCS game and #21 would have to have a once in a decade type year for a receiver, but hey, why not? He is by far the best receiver in the country. It isn’t even close. Manningham, in his own right, is having a great year for Michigan, but he ain’t no Calvin Johnson. If Calvin Johnson decides to stay for his senior year, then he should be tested for ‘shrooms, because he would have to be hallucinating to consider staying for his senior year. There is no reason for him to stay, especially with an inexperienced quarterback coming in next year and with him guaranteed a spot in the top 5 of the 2007 NFL draft. He is so good that he makes Reggie Ball look like a competent quarterback…that’s scary good….Reggie “I can’t help but turnover the” Ball has to protect the ball better, he has too. For every good throw, he makes a bad one. If he could play more consistently the rest of the year, they are the team to beat right now in the ACC.

The Arizona Cardinals and the playoffs go together like Farrakhan and Limbaugh, like beef and Hindus, or in other words, ain’t no way in hell those two things should even be together in the same sentence, maybe not even in the same paragraph and/or in the same publication. So, the Falcons proceeded to whoop that ass and remind everyone who they are and who the Cardinals aren’t: playoff contenders. There were obvious areas of concern, most notably the red zone scoring. It was horrible, but they did alleviate their special teams problems with 6/6 conversions on field goals and a great day from the return team. They have to score TDs in the red zone, or they WILL NOT be able to beat the better teams in the league. Vick played a good game (254 total yards – 101 rushing – 13/22 153 yards passing)…once again though, the receivers came up small, very small. There were at least 2-3 passes dropped (including another one in the end zone this week by Michael Jenkins and another pass dropped by Crumpler (Is he all the way healthy??) ). They have to help their quarterback out. There was the play where Vick completed a perfect pass to Crumpler who raced down the sideline for a long touchdown, only to see it called back by an idiotic holding penalty by Roddy White. The guy he held had no chance of tackling Crumpler, yet Roddy held him and the TD got called back.

Once again, they ran the ball (262 yards) down the opponents esophagus. On a side note, it will be a long year for Edgerrin James of the Cardinals. How many negative runs can a running back have over a year? If there is some official stat on that, I am willing to put my house on the fact that Edge may break the record for the most negative runs by an RB over the course of a year. That offensive line of the Cardinals is horrible, if only the NFL had a minor league (maybe send ’em all to the CFL???) I don’t know how the Falcons’ coaches will do it, but hey HAVE TO get Jerious Norwood some more carries. They guy is a homerun threat everytime he touches the ball and he cuts back like a fat man does on food on a diet. That 78-yard TD run was a thing of beauty. Like Madden says,”Speed: You can’t coach it, you can’t teach it….you gotta draft it”. The defense again was huge, with an INT return for a TD (D Hall showing up once again in the box score) and 4 sacks, along with a few forced fumbles. Kerney was huge with 3 sacks, finally getting back into his old form with a monster game. Warner and Leinart were harassed the entire day, and the Falcons have not allowed an offensive touchdown in 3 of the 4 games they have played, and only 1 overall on the season. This is a scary unit, and hopefully, Abraham and Hartwell will be back in two weeks against the Giants. The 1st quarter of the season is over and the Falcons are 3-1, doing exactly what they needed to do. They took care of business and are tied atop the NFC South for the division lead. It’s a shame we gotta wait 2 weeks for the G-Men, but it’ll give the coaches time to fix those red zone problems.

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