Pimpin’ and Simpin’ – Week of September 11th

Pimpin’ and Simpin’ – Week of September 11th

Another week in the NFL has gone by and there have been a few teams that have stood head and shoulders above the competition so far. In the world of baseball, the Chicago White Sox have been fading fast and look to be S.O.L.


New York Mets and the New York Yankees – I hate to admit it, but I was wrong about the Yankees, they pulled it together, even amidst injuries and an at times shaky pitching staff. They are on the verge of winning another Division Title, obliterating the Boston Red Sox along the way. They look scary, I mean, does anybody really want to pitch against that offense in the playoffs? It will be great to see the young arms of the Tigers and the Twins go up against that potent lineup. Jeter is a legitimate MVP candidate and this team may have recaptured that magic that led them to all those World Series titles before the year 2000. Johnny Damon winning another World Series ring as a Yankee? Unimaginable two years ago, but how quickly things have changed…How about those amazin’ Mets? I was also wrong about them, they absolutely annihilated the NL East and the rest of the NL. They are the favorites to reach the Fall Classic in the NL. There aren’t many better 1-2 punches in the league than Beltran and Delgado, and they have arguably the best left side of the infield in the bigs in Reyes and Wright. They have speed, experienced starting pitching, a lights out closer, and can hit for power. There isn’t any reason that they shouldn’t cruise to the World Series. Is the country, is the Big Apple, ready for another colossal Subway Series?

Atlanta Falcons – 306 rushing yards? Running a college option offense? You are NOT supposed to be able to do this in the NFL, especially not against a tough, proud Tampa Bay defense. Their defense was once again dominant (even without John Abraham), Michael Vick had another efficient passing day (10/15 92 yards 1 td, 1 int) and a big day on the ground (14 carries, 127 yards), and Warrick Dunn ran for 134 yards on 21 carries. Can they be stopped on the ground? I don’t know, but this year, unlike last year, they have a defense that can win ball games for them even if the offense is not on point.

The Manning Brothers – Which brother outplayed which? A case can be made for either Manning, both of whom had spectacular games over the weekend. Peyton “No Edge Means More TDs” Manning lit up the Houston Texans for 400 yards and 3 tds, while all Eli Manning did is orchestrate a heroic 4th quarter comeback from 17 points down against a tough, proud Philadelphia team. And oh yeah, Eli did this on the road in Philadelphia, passing for 371 yards and 3 tds. The Big Apple Football Giants needed this win, being in an 0-2 hole in arguably the best division of football would have almost been insurmountable.


Roy Williams (Detroit Lions WR) – How can you go from saying it was “stupid how close we came to scoring 40 points” one week and then only producing 6 points, to then guaranteeing a victory against the tenacious defense of the Chicago Bears and then getting your manhood taken from you by being demolished 34-7 in week 2? C’mon man, you gotta be kidding me…wasn’t this guy supposed to be the truth? The one WR who would actually pan out for the Lions? He better keep his mouth shut and let his game do the talking.

Chicago White Sox – Que Paso, Ozzie? What has happened in the Southside? They were swept by the A’s, and they lost to the Tigers last night, putting them 7 back in the division and 4.5 back in the wild card. How can a team loaded with experienced pitching and an explosive offense fizzle out like this at the most stretch of the season?

Oakland Raiders – I have reconsidered my position on the Raiders and Packers both being the worst teams in the league this year….that dubious distinction goes to the Raiders, who just flat out suck. They have Randy Moss on their team and they can’t get in the end zone!!…They have the most realistic chance out of any team in this millenium to go winless throughout the entire season…and yes, I’m serious…You’re telling me that this team wouldn’t have been better off if they had drafted Leinart or Cutler? Shit, just secede yourself from the NFL and join the CFL. If they played a top-tier collegiate team right now, lets say the hometown USC Trojans, I’m not even sure they would blow them out. They would probably win, but it wouldn’t be as bad as you would think. That fact that I even said “probably win” tells you all that you need to know about the Raiders…

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