when a mother cries

when a mother cries

silently……I mourn when a mother cries,
I bow my head in shame, feeling pity
for those who provoke tears from a mother’s eyes.

no feasible excuse can ever be accepted
to justify
or falsely rectify,
a mother’s tears.

when a mother cries,
I am filled with fear,
the world silently sheds a tear,
when a mother cries.

I’m lost and void of explanation,
of who could erase a smile from a mother’s face
and ruthlessly replace
joy with pain,
approval with disdain,
make a mother feel ashamed.

when a mother cries,
I quiver sympathetically with remorse,
a mother should be made to feel like a queen,
because she is,
not to be disrespected
or to be treated obscene.

the sun is concealed by clouds,
afraid to be seen,
withering in strength, afraid to shine,
when a mother cries.

stars no longer illuminate as bright,
children suffer sleepless nights,
no solace can be sufficed,
when a mother cries.

we are no longer immune,
from everyday troubles,
from daily struggles,
a little meaning is lost from our lives,
when a mother cries.

we feel guilty, even if we’re innocent,
sharing blame for a crime,
considered unforgivable,
when a mother cries.

my soul trembles, commences to die,
incapable of suppressing sadness,
when a mother cries.

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