Situational Deficiencies

Situational Deficiencies

veering towards me with remorseless efficiency,
penetrating my interior, concurrently,
disassembling my psychology,
assasinating my optimistic personality,
forcing me into the monotony
of accepting a pessimistic philosophy
situational deficiencies.

avoiding them only multiplies them in quantity,
confronting them renders me in disparity.
puncturing my soul, protruding my thoughts,
weighind me down while I struggle for clarity,
staring me in my eyes, challenging me
to be a man, to battle for my sanity,
situational deficiencies.

blindly attacking, bringing me to my knees,
as I pathetically wallow in my miserable pity,
reevaluating my self-identity,
attempting to salvage my pride, show some dignity,
situational deficiencies.

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