Jumbled Thoughts

Jumbled Thoughts

thoughts jumbled like a jigsaw,
erroneous actions, violations of self-implaced laws
which govern me
keeping me as far possible
from the edge of insanity.

problems of the world drag me down
with their overwhelming density,
my mind’s losing the capacity,
the immediate ability,
to deal with difficulties multiplying in quantity.

women ain’t shit, my society thinks
innocent people die,
because someone had a bit too much to drink.
religious faith and beliefs are being pushed further
innocent children, murdered, carried in the streets,
not of out remembrance, but as motivational martyrs.

we drink our purified water, eat sanitized food
while millions die from malnutrition.
I look around, all I hear, all I see
are families of victims who break down and cry,
another statistic created by homicide,
while dictators feel justified
in erasing humanity and committing genocide
enough blood has been shed,
for me to contemplate suicide
to escape turmoils that we face.

molested children are evidence of the sick-minded pedofile,
is it my brown hair, black eyes?
is that why I’m being racially profiled?

a young woman, barbarically raped,
clothes torn at each seem,
tough to swallow,
even more difficult because she was only fifteen.
we remain indifferent,
till shit hits home.

a serial killer with the philosophy,
that by ruthlessly murdering,
he’s fulfilling some kind of prophecy.
drugs are injected, inhaled, exhaled,
while millions of dealers thrive
off the profit,
indifferent as to how many teens lose their lives,
as they overdose,
spewing vomit all over their clothes.
earning a trip to the emergency room,
to breathe their last breaths,
and head for their early exits to their tomb.

while our children learn to count from 1 to 5,
there are those who avoid gunfire in order to survive,
for them, school isn’t an option,
they have to walk each inch, take each breath,
with heavy caution.

how can we go to the grave content?
with knowledge that there are those
who’ll die in refuge camps, void of hope

jumbled thoughts, created by an indifferent society,
only concerned in achieving prosperity and notoriety,
suppressing the truth,
of ubiquitous, rampant poverty,
unfortunate, inexplicable events blueprint
a horrendous allegory
freefalling towards our own apocalypse,
jumbled thoughts.

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